Spectrotec Pressure Control Panel BU13 AC - Unmatched Solution for Acetylene Pressure Management

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The Spectrotec Pressure Control Panel BU13 AC is a bespoke, wall-mounted device designed especially for efficient acetylene management. It optimizes installation convenience and modularity, making it customizable for different cylinder structures, therefore enhancing adaptability. This unit employs a single-stage pressure management system with excellent precision and has an inbuilt relief valve to maximize safety. The panel maintains compliance with DIN-EN-ISO 14114 and DIN-EN-ISO 15615 safety standards and incorporates all safety features tested by BAM. An added layer of safety can be procured with an optional Acetylene Safety Guard (ASG).

  • Engineered specifically for acetylene pressure precision.
  • Convenient, modular design for effortless installation.
  • Adherence to international safety standards DIN-EN-ISO with included BAM tested features.
  • Optional inclusion of Acetylene Safety Guard (ASG) for enhanced safety.
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The Spectrotec Pressure Control Panel BU13 AC is your premier choice for managing acetylene pressure with utmost accuracy and reliability. This panel's innovative wall-mounted design enables swift installation and hassle-free operation, meeting industry standards with its comprehensive safety considerations.

  • Engineered with a single-stage system featuring a high-precision pressure regulator, assuring meticulous control over the process.
  • Presents a unique safety relief valve designed to prevent potential system damage, affirming Safety as a top priority.
  • Flourishes with its modular design, providing adjustments to support varying cylinder configurations - reflecting its adaptability to your changing needs.
  • Compliant with stringent industry standards of DIN-EN-ISO 14114 and DIN-EN-ISO 15615, consolidating its trustworthiness.
  • Provides the option to expand safety with an Acetylene Safety Guard (ASG), an indispensable aid in acetylene handling undertakings.
  • Operates in a wide temperature range from -30°C to 60°C, ensuring stable functionality under diverse conditions.
  • Made from hard-wearing materials, such as brass, EPDM, steel, zinc-plated steel and stainless steel, its robust and enduring structure promises longevity.
  • Detailed technical specifications like a maximum inlet pressure (P1) of 25 bar, a max outlet pressure (P2) of either 1.5 bar or 2.5 bar grant flexibility to accommodate different operational necessities.

In conclusion, the Spectrotec Pressure Control Panel BU13 AC is the epitome of hassle-free, safe and accurate acetylene pressure management. This technologically superior solution promises to optimize system performance while uncompromising on safety standards, proving essential for a plethora of industrial applications.

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