Spectrotec High Pressure Hoses HDS - High-Quality Hoses for Industrial Applications

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The Spectrotec High Pressure Hoses HDS are top-notch hoses engineered for non-corrosive industrial gases, oxygen, and acetylene. These superior quality hoses are designed to provide unparalleled durability and reliability in a wide array of industries.

  • Enhanced Performance: Supports high working pressure up to 300 bar for boosted efficiency.
  • Unique Design: Features a 90° elbow inlet for effortless connection. Complies with DIN EN ISO 14113 and EN ISO 10380 standards pertinent to rubber, plastics, and corrugated metal hoses.
  • Convenient Application: Incorporates an anti-whip safety cord and a non-return valve for acetylene to prevent air entry.
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Spectrotec High Pressure Hoses HDS - Tough, Reliable, and Versatile Garden Hoses for Industrial Gases, Oxygen, and Acetylene

Outfit your industrial applications with the power and reliability of the Spectrotec High Pressure Hoses HDS. Designed for non-corrosive industrial gases, oxygen, and acetylene applications, these hoses deliver unbeatable performance backed by premium design standards of DIN EN ISO 14113 and EN ISO 10380.

These high-pressure hoses are rigorously tested for pressures up to 300 bar, and 25 bar for acetylene, standing tough under demanding conditions. They are available in three sizes: DN 6, DN 8, and DN 12 for versatile applications. With varying lengths from 0.5 to 3.5 meters, choose what fits your operational needs best.

  • Impressive Leak Rate: These hoses come with a remarkably low leak rate of less than 10-3 mbar l/s He, guaranteeing exceptional efficiency and safety.
  • Durable Build: Fortified with sturdy aramid fibers reinforcement, these hoses can withstand substantial use in tough environments. Each unit features a reliable, non-return valve at the cylinder or bundle connection for acetylene applications.
  • Temperature Resistant: These hoses smoothly handle a wide temperature range from -20°C to 60°C, ensuring superior performance regardless of the environment.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with an anti-whip cord for enhanced safety (excluding acetylene) and 90° elbow at the inlet for easy accessibility and user convenience.
  • High-Quality Materials: Industrial gases hoses feature Polyester inner surface and Polyurethane outer surface with a 1.4305 Stainless Steel fitting for robustness. The oxygen and acetylene hoses are designed with Rubber for enhanced safety.

Featuring standard connection points, like an inlet cylinder connection or 1/4'-NPT female outlet, these hoses epitomize quality, reliability, and safety. Choose Spectrotec High Pressure Hoses HDS for outstanding performance and user safety in your industrial applications.

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