High-Quality Wall-Mounted Pressure Control Panel - Spectrotec Entspannungsstation BT2000

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Highly-efficient Wall-Mounting Pressure Control Panel – Spectrotec Entspannungsstation BT2000

An advanced pressure control panel, the Spectrotec Entspannungsstation BT2000 distinguishes itself through its wall-mountability and optimal control of non-corrosive industrial gases. It shines in functionality thanks to its ergonomic, modular, and expandable design.

Key Features:

  • Modular, ergonomic and expandable design that facilitates convenience and functionality.
  • Dedicated filters at gas inlet valve and regulator to provide pure gas flow.
  • High-accuracy regulator and DIN-standard compliant safety pressure gauges for ensured precision.
  • On/Off indicator inclusive of shut-off valves and a purge valve for increased safety and convenience.
  • Stainless steel mounting plates providing durability for long-term use.
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Industrial-strength Pressure Management - Spectrotec Entspannungsstation BT2000

The Spectrotec Entspannungsstation BT2000 is a cutting-edge pressure control panel designed to streamline gas management in demanding industrial settings. Engineered for top-notch performance, this best-in-class control panel is your ultimate choice for managing non-corrosive industrial gases.

Whether you operate in healthcare, food processing, or manufacturing, the BT2000 is your steadfast partner for meticulous and efficient gas regulation.

Superior Features Designed for Excellence

  • Modular Configuration: With its flexible design, the BT2000 is adjustable to your unique operations. Accommodate 2, 3, or more cylinders based on your situational requirements.
  • Precision Control: The BT2000 boasts a piston-type regulator for supreme control accuracy. Manage outlet pressure values of up to 50 or 100 bar with ease.
  • Enhanced Safety: Safety pressure gauges adhere to the stringent DIN EN ISO 5171 standards. Plus, clearly marked on/off indicators for shut-off valves and strategically positioned process gas and purge valves augment operational safety.
  • Built-to-last: With its robust composition - brass bodies, EPDM diaphragm, PA valve seat, stainless-steel mounting plates and filters - the BT2000 is crafted for extended durability.
  • Broad Temperature Adaptability: Designed to endure extreme conditions, the BT2000 operates efficiently within -30u00b0C to 60u00b0C temperatures.

Premium Specifications

Type Single-stage
P1 Inlet Pressure Max. 300 bar
P2 Outlet Pressure (2L-models) Max. 10/20/50/100 bar
Operational Temperature Range -30u00b0C to 60u00b0C
Leakage rate < 10-4 mbar l/s helium
Weight 3.7 kg (BT2000-1), 5.5 kg (BT2000-2), 7.5 kg (BT2000-2L)

The Spectrotec Entspannungsstation BT2000 goes beyond ordinary control panels in managing non-corrosive gases. Make it part of your daily operations and experience unrivaled efficiency and productivity like never before.

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