Spectrosys Alarm Unit Floalarm K4-M and K12-M - Multichannel Industrial Alert System

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The industrial-grade Spectrosys Alarm Unit Floalarm K4-M and K12-M is a versatile multi-channel alert system, suitable for a variety of operational applications. It is compatible with a wide range of digital input signals, including pressure switches and contact pressure gauges.

  • Available in 4 or 12 channel versions.
  • Offers capability with NAMUR-specifications transducers and other similar devices.
  • Features potential-free output and visible as well as acoustic alarms through a built-in piezo-buzzer.
  • Durable plastic housing specifically designed for wall mounting, ensuring robust longevity in industrial environments.
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Spectrosys Alarm Unit Floalarm K4-M and K12-M: Highly Advanced Multi-channel Alert System

Engineered for optimal performance and precision, the Spectrosys Alarm Unit Floalarm K4-M and K12-M is an innovative multi-channel alarm system that significantly enhances the efficiency and safety of industrial workspaces. Its state-of-the-art design and robust functionality make it a must-have tool for industries in need of reliable and versatile alert systems.

  • With its advanced 4 or 12-channel system, it offers a unique solution for connecting with multiple digital input signals from a variety of devices, including pressure gauges and switches.
  • It ensures compliance with NAMUR specifications, enabling compatibility with inductive sensors, and broadening its adaptability across diverse electronic environments.
  • Each channel of this innovative alarm system can be individually programmed, offering the flexibility to optimize it as normally closed or normally open contact based on different use case scenarios.
  • It features an efficient delay mode (1 sec) for all channels, improving the precision during operation, and augmenting responsiveness to changing industrial conditions.
  • The system provides a potential-free output that can be configured to adapt to varying electronic environments, adding value to its efficient design.
  • Built-in diodes integrated into the keypad amplify operational alerts visibility, ensuring critical alerts are never overlooked.
  • Equipped with an integrated piezo-buzzer, the system enhances audible alarm notifications, supporting urgent awareness of crucial alerts.
  • The highly robust plastic housing offers excellent durability, while the specifications for wall mounting make for quick installation and prominent visibility.

Technical Highlights

Housing Compatibility Inputs Potential Free Output Power Supply Voltage NAMUR-Specification Communication Parameters
IP 65, 200 x 120 x 60 mm Mechanical switches, PNP/NPN (DC), Inductive switches Type NAMUR Max. switchable voltage: 24 V AC, load: 1 A, Configurable as: NO / NC 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz, Max. power input: 5 W Voltage: 5 V DC - 25 V DC, Power input inactive: IL < 1 mA, Power input activated: 3 mA < IL < 15 mA Baud rate: 9600, Polarity: 2 bit stop 8N, Function code: 0x03 Read Holding

Suitable for a myriad of industrial applications, the Spectrosys Alarm Unit Floalarm K4-M and K12-M offers broad compatibility and robust functionality for precision alarm monitoring. Its versatility and adaptability make it an invaluable asset for contemporary industries.

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