Spectrosys Alarm / Control Unit Floswitch D4 - Superior Automatic Gas Storage Control System

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Experience cutting-edge control and security in gas storage systems with the Spectrosys Alarm / Control Unit Floswitch D4. This top-rated automatic switch-over system is designed for use with technical and high purity gas storage, providing superior control capabilities with up to 4 digital inputs. Its robust design ensures longevity:

  • Cutting-edge switch-over system: Offers exceptional control and safety in high purity gas storage.
  • Multi-input management: Capable of handling up to 4 digital inputs, catering to different storage systems.
  • Comprehensive control: Equipped with 2 solenoid valves, local and remote shut-off features and system restart function.
  • Durability: Encased in sturdy plastic housing, IP 55 rated for optimal wall mounting.
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Spectrosys Alarm / Control Unit Floswitch D4 - Best-in-class Automatic Gas Storage Switch-Over System

Experience ultimate control and uncompromised safety with the Spectrosys Alarm/Control Unit Floswitch D4 for your gas storage applications. This cutting-edge device exhibits an extraordinary blend of innovation and protection, offering an optimal solution for managing gas storage units. Boasting an integrated alarm system and provisions for up to four digital inputs, it ensures seamless operation with unmatched precision.

Exceptional Features

  • Rigorously designed Automatic Switch-Over System apt for technical and high purity gas storages.
  • Efficiently manages alarm and control unit for four digital inputs.
  • Equipped with a management port incorporated with 2 solenoid valves for easy operation.
  • Features a luminous 4x12 digits LCD display for straightforward visibility.
  • Enables immediate response with both visual and acoustic alarm signals.
  • Manual switch-over function for operational flexibility.
  • Provides both local and remote shutdown functions for enhanced safety.
  • High compatibility with DIN 19234 NAMUR 1-specification inductive sensors.
  • Engineered with digital inputs featuring NC configuration design.
  • Durable wall-mountable plastic housing with IP 55.

Detailed Technical Specifications

  • Crafted in a sturdy IP 55 housing that measures 314x263x143 mm and weighs 3.7 kg.
  • Operates on a 24V DC at a maximum power output of 50 mA per channel.
  • Fits 24V DC or 230V AC electrical layouts.
  • Boasts a 4x12 digits LCD display for clear operation and visibility.
  • Consumes a maximum power of 15 VA and requires a power supply voltage of 230V/50-60 Hz.
  • Fitted with a Green light 10 mm, Red flash light 45 mm, and a Buzzer with a maximum sound capacity of 80dB @ 1m.
  • Supports NAMUR-specification with a voltage operation range of 5V DC - 25V DC. Power input: inactive <1mA, activated: 3mA - 15mA.

Key Safety Certified by CE

the Spectrosys Alarm/Control Unit Floswitch D4 complies with CE certification, offering a reliable and secure solution for managing your gas storage facilities, in accordance with safety and performance standards.

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