Spectrosys Alarm/Control Unit Flopurge - High-end Industrial Control Device

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The Spectrosys Alarm/Control Unit Flopurge excels as an advanced industrial control device compatible with a variety of sectors. It’s features include:

  • Capacity to interface with 10 digital and 4 analogue inputs, extending its compatibility with contact pressure gauges, pressure switches, and pressure transmitters.
  • Automatic purging for high purity, corrosive, or toxic gases, ensuring safe gas handling even in demanding situations.
  • Visual and acoustic alarms to alert in abnormal conditions, enhancing safety measures.
  • Integration of 4 solenoid valves for effective control over pneumatic change-over valves and emergency shut-offs.
  • IP 65 rated plastic housing for dust and water protection, facilitating its deployment in rigorous environments.
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Spectrosys Alarm/Control Unit Flopurge - Your Advanced Industrial Control Solution

The Spectrosys Alarm/Control Unit Flopurge is a cutting-edge alarm and control unit specially designed for sophisticated industrial applications. It offers high-reliability monitoring and control, whether you're dealing with high purity gases or handling corrosive or toxic materials. This feature-filled device is set to revolutionize your industrial operations.

Key Features

  • Caters to a wide variety of requirements with the ability to support up to 10 digital inputs such as pressure gauges and pressure switches, plus 4 analogue inputs.
  • Automatic purging for high purity, corrosive, and toxic gases enhances safety and productivity.
  • Enhanced operational responsiveness with 4 in-built solenoid valves to activate pneumatic change-over valves and emergency shut-offs.
  • Extended system interoperability and monitoring, courtesy of a single potential-free output for external monitoring which is configurable as NO or NC.
  • An easy-to-navigate 4 x 20 digits LCD-display ensures clear and user-friendly operation and monitoring.
  • Efficient alarming with visual and acoustic alarms including silencing option for effective response to system anomalies.
  • Easy integration into existing automation systems with compatibility with inductive sensors type DIN 19234 NAMUR 1-specification.
  • Convenient push-button adjustments of operational parameters and signal configurations.
  • Durable, high-protection IP 65 rated plastic housing suitable for challenging industrial environments.
  • Enhanced system security with password protection for superior level access.

Technical Specifications

  • IP 65 rated housing, dimensions – 310 x 380 x 140 mm.
  • Compatible with Mechanical switches, electronic switches PNP/NPN (DC only) and inductive type NAMUR switches.
  • Digital Inputs of 15 V DC, Max. Power: 15 mA (per channel).
  • Analog Inputs with a max voltage of 24 V DC, Short circuit current: 25 mA.
  • Pressure correction feature with a max pressure of 10 bar, Compatibility: inert gases.
  • 4 x 20 digits LCD-display with backlight.
  • Power Supply Voltage: 220 V / 50-60 Hz, Max. power consumption: 100 mA.
  • Internal Signals feature includes LEDs 5 mm, piezo-buzzer.
  • NAMUR-specification of Voltage: 5 V DC - 25 V DC, Power input inactive: IL < 1 mA, Power input activated: 3 mA < IL <15 mA.
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