High Quality Spectropur Pressure Regulator E81-VCR Review

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Spectropur Pressure Regulator E81-VCR

  • Known for its High Control Accuracy and Low Flow Restriction design.
  • Comprised of stainless steel SS 316L, Hastelloy C276, PCTFE or PVDF materials.
  • Complies with ISO 5.0 cleanroom quality standards, including 100% helium-leak-testing.
  • Features a single-stage regulator, internal connectors for pressure gauges, and a handwheel for simple outlet pressure limitation.
  • Optimal electropolishing of internal surfaces for reduced internal volume and quicker purge times.
  • Optional documentation according to SEMASPEC available.
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Spectropur Pressure Regulator E81-VCR: High-Quality, Low Flow Restriction Design

The Spectropur Pressure Regulator E81-VCR stands as an epitome of high-grade product engineering designed for industrial applications. This unique product with its outstanding specifications and design superiority makes it a must-have addition to your industrial equipment inventory.

Outstanding Design Features

  • The product is designed for optimized flow restriction, making it perfect for diverse industrial applications.
  • The internal surfaces undergo a meticulous electropolishing process, enhancing the visual appeal and durability of the product.
  • Engineered with minimized internal volume, the regulator provides superior efficiency and delivers short purge times, making it an ideal choice.
  • All gas-wetted parts are made from reliable stainless steel SS 316L, Hastelloy C276, PCTFE, or PVDF materials, enhancing the product's strength, longevity, and efficiency.
  • The incorporation of internal connectors for pressure gauges ensures accurate data reading for superior control and maximum utilization.

Top-Notch Technical Specifications

The Spectropur Pressure Regulator E81-VCR prides itself with its excellent technical specifications.

Surface Quality With its high-quality metal-to-metal seal to the atmosphere, the regulator ensures enhanced reliability and service life.
Connections The product comes with In/Outlet UNF 7/8-14 (1/2u201d VCR-compatible); pressure indicator ports UNF 9/16-18 (1/4u201d VCR-compatible)
Safety With rigorous quality checks and a 100% helium-leak-tested guarantee, the product ensures safety in various applications.
Assembly Assembled in a promoted cleanroom class ISO 5.0, ensuring a meticulous assembling process.

This spectacular combination of superior technical specifications and high-grade design makes the Spectropur Pressure Regulator E81-VCR a desirable asset in any industrial setting. The product's efficiency and durability make it a worthy investment for professionals looking for reliability and top-notch quality in their equipment.

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