Spectropur Pressure Control Panels MP3 - Ultimate Solution for Precision Control of Semiconductor Gases

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The Spectropur Pressure Control Panels MP3 are expertly engineered for exceptional control and management of semiconductor gases. Designed and assembled in a cleanroom environment (ISO 5.0), their functionality excels owing to:

  • Seamless Performance: They are tested through 100% helium-leak tests for fail-safe operation.
  • Essential Components: Contain check valves, pre-filter and filters, pressure regulator, relief valve, and burst disc to ensure a pure gas supply.
  • Temperature Resilience: Can operate efficiently in a range of temperatures from -20u00b0C to 70u00b0C.
  • Robust Construction: All gas-wetted parts are made from highly corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel 1.4404 ESU, Hastelloy C276, and PCTFE.
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Spectropur Pressure Control Panels MP3: Premium Quality Control for Semiconductor Gases

Designed with a meticulous precision and unparalleled attention to details, the Spectropur Pressure Control Panels MP3 provide unmatched control over the sensitive and challenging processes of managing semiconductor gases. An epitome of advanced technology and superb craftsmanship, these panels are assembled under rigorous standards in an ISO 5.0 cleanroom environment, affirming their superior quality and commitment to consistency and reliability. As they are 100% helium-leak-tested, users can have total faith in their performance and durability.

Exceptional Features

  • Engineered for perfect management of Quality 6.0 semiconductor gases.
  • A comprehensive set of valves, including purge gas, waste gas, and manual (pneumatic) process gas (EMO-) valves, for enhanced control.
  • Built-in check valve to prevent backflow of process gas.
  • Pre-filter and filter system ensure the supply of a particle-free process gas.
  • Designed with a pressure regulator, relief valve, and burst disc for more efficient control.
  • Contact pressure gauge for continuous monitoring of the burst disc is integrated.
  • System vent valve and shut-off valve significantly enhance the leak or vacuum tests.
  • All gas-wetted parts made from high-quality stainless steel 1.4404 ESU, Hastelloy C276, and PCTFE ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.

Technical Parameters

Materials: Stainless steel 1.4404 ESU, Hastelloy C276, PCTFE
Surface Roughness: Ra ≤ 0.25 μm, Ra ≤ 0.18 μm
Leak Rate: < 1 x 10-9 mbar l/s He, < 1 x 10-6 mbar l/s He
Cv-value: 0.24 (kv = 0.2)
Temperature Range: -20°C to 70°C

Designed through relentless technological advancements and a commitment to delivering only the highest quality semiconductor gas control, the Spectropur Pressure Control Panels MP3 is truly the essence of precision, performance, and reliability. If these factors are crucial to your operations, these panels offer the optimum solution.

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