Spectromol Accosorb Gas Purification System - Unmatched Efficiency & High Purity Gas Purification

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Spectromol Accosorb Gas Purification System – High Efficiency & Purity

An effective gas purification system, Spectromol Accosorb optimizes raw gasoline’s purity by efficiently eliminating hydrocarbons and oil vapor. It is a powerful solution broadly applicable in chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries as well as in research settings.

  • Wide-Ranging Purification: Capable of purifying rare gases, Nu2082, Hu2082, CO, COu2082, CHu2084, and compressed air.
  • Superior Performance: Utilizes Activated carbon Type A for unparalleled absorption and contaminant removal.
  • User-Oriented Design: Ensures uncomplicated attainment of high-purity gas with its straightforward setup and operation.
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Introducing the High-Efficiency Spectromol Accosorb Gas Purification System

Engineered for excellence in the realm of gas purification, the Spectromol Accosorb Gas Purification System is a paragon of reliability and efficiency. With its state-of-the-art design and capability to eliminate contaminants, this system heightens the standards of industrial operations and research.

Dedication to High Purity and Efficiency

The Spectromol Accosorb System is built utilizing the prowess of Activated Carbon Type A, a material lauded for its superior adsorption capability. By eliminating unwanted hydrocarbons and oil vapors from gas flow, it ensures the product of a highly purified output with total KW less than 10 ppb.

A Multipurpose Masterpiece

Crafted for versatility, the Spectromol Accosorb accommodates a wide spectrum of gases. Whether being used for rare gases, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, or compressed air purification, this system delivers exceptional performance every time.

Product Features

  • Unrivaled Contaminant Removal: Leveraging the power of physisorption and Activated Carbon Type A, the Spectromol Accosorb excels in removing hydrocarbons and oil vapors, guaranteeing unbeatable purification.
  • Wide-Ranging Application: The system is engineered to purify a plethora of gases, including but not limited to rare gases, N2, H2, CO, CO2, CH4 and compressed air.
  • High Purity Output: Committing to quality, our system promises an output purity with total KW less than 10 ppb - a feat that empowers numerous industrial applications.

Choose the Spectromol Accosorb Gas Purification System for superior performance, efficiency, and purity across diverse applications. Enhance your operations with the most reliable solution on the market!

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