Spectromed FM 41-S1: Premium Medical Oxygen Cylinder Pressure Regulator

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Spectromed FM 41-S1: Premium Medical Oxygen Cylinder Pressure Regulator

An exceptional medical-grade oxygen regulator equipped for precise and reliable oxygen flow control. Key features:

  • Consistent Performance: Ensures outlet pressure regulation with adaptable flow rates ranging from 0-15 l/min.
  • Durable Quality: Durably constructed with chlorine and fluorine-free gas-wetted material, chrome-plated body with brass piston to resist chemicals.
  • Convenient Usage: Compact in design, lightweight, and comes with a tool-free manual connection for simple installation and handling.

At 830 grams, it can manage an inlet pressure up to 200 bar. The Spectromed FM 41-S1 is ideal for various medical environments and contributes to safe, accurate patient care.

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    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Spectromed FM 41-S1: Unparalleled Oxygen Cylinder Pressure Regulator for Medical Applications

Experience superior performance with the Spectromed FM 41-S1 Cylinder Pressure Regulator, engineered meticulously for optimal delivery, reliability, and usability in medical settings.

Intelligent Design & Unrivaled Functionality

With the lightweight and compact design of the Spectromed FM 41-S1, expect exceptional convenience in use, handling, and portability. Its robust composition of chrome-plated brass body and PA valve seat endure the stringent demands of daily medical routines. The single-stage regulation affords precise control, sustaining the critical oxygen flow rates essential in healthcare.

Surpassing Performance

This remarkable device features a variable area meter with adjustable control, accommodating intensive requirements up to 15 l/min. High-pressure conditions are well managed with a maximum inlet pressure (P1) of 200 bar and an outlet pressure (P2) of 4.5 bar, underpinning consistent delivery of medical oxygen.

Enhanced Adaptability & Easy Installation

The FM 41-S1 comes with a user-friendly manual connection that requires no tools for installation. Its universal adaptability is evidenced by its cylinder connection, designed per international standards to accommodate varied gas types. An accessory gland outlet allows seamless connection with medical peripherals like tubes and respiration masks.

Technical Superiority & Remarkable Durability

The brass piston construction reinforces durability, ensuring a prolonged functional life. Despite its robust construction and high performance, the FM 41-S1 remains compact and portable, weighing only 830g. This device brings together the apex practitioner's need - efficient functionality and ultimate comfort.

In Conclusion

The Spectromed FM 41-S1 translates to an accurate, reliable and smooth oxygen regulation, marking an indispensable asset for healthcare professionals whilst the aim is saving lives and ameliorating health outcomes.

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