Spectromed Cylinder Pressure Regulator FM 41-L: High-efficiency Medical Gas Management Solution

Short description
  • Spectromed Cylinder Pressure Regulator FM 41-L is a high-quality, single-stage medical gas regulator.
  • Designed with a compact and lightweight frame for easy installation – no extra tools required.
  • Constructed from chrome-plated brass which ensures durability.
  • Offers a maximum inlet pressure of 200 bar and an adaptable flow rate from 1 to 15 l/min.
  • Provides dual outlets for versatile functionality, making it a reliable choice for healthcare professionals.
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Spectromed Cylinder Pressure Regulator FM 41-L: A Game-Changer in Medical Gas Management

Enhance your medical gas management with the innovative Spectromed Cylinder Pressure Regulator FM 41-L. Our reliable, compact device is the game-changer in medical gas regulation that healthcare specialists trust. Revolutionize your healthcare practice with this well-engineered device designed to ensure consistent and safe supply of medical gases.

Key Product Features

  • A one-stage cylinder pressure regulator suitable for diverse medical gases.
  • Flow rate adaptability with an easy-to-use orifice selection, options ranging from 1 to 15 l/min.
  • Includes a gland outlet which accommodates connections to both tubes and respiratory masks.
  • A secondary outlet with fixed 5 bar nominal pressure, ensuring uninterrupted operation of respiratory machinery.
  • Made using chlorine and fluorine-free materials, granting superior safety and durability.
  • Lightweight construction at just 830 g, offering ease of mounting and operation.
  • Quick, easy manual connection for tool-less mounting.

Technical Details

The Spectromed Cylinder Pressure Regulator FM 41-L can handle inlet pressures up to a maximum of 200 bar. Its robust body is made from chrome-plated brass that promises durability and extended lifespan. The valve seat made from PA contributes to the robustness and ensures a smooth, consistent gas flow. This product aligns with international standards and accommodates specific cylinder connections according to gas type.

Equip your medical gear with the Spectromed Cylinder Pressure Regulator FM 41-L for safe and reliable operation. This top-quality pressure regulator is a proud product of Shanghai.

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