Spectromed Control System Flomed P: Your Ultimate Solution for Efficient and Reliable Solenoid Valve Control

Short description

The Spectromed Control System Flomed P is a top-notch solenoid valve control solution designed for supreme performance and reliability. It offers distinct operation mode display for each gas source and maintains the line pressure monitoring for maximal safety and functionality. The system proactively identifies middle and high alarm levels, providing accurate real-time alerts. It features 6 potential free outputs for signal transmission, enabling effortless amalgamation into existing systems. Remarkably compatible with the control box for change-over panels MED-25/100-V, and operates on a 230V AC power supply. This system supports multiple languages and adheres with DIN EN 737 standards.

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Redefining Control with the Spectromed Control System Flomed P

The Spectromed Control System Flomed P represents a new era of efficient and reliable solenoid valve control. This high-performance system is specifically designed to optimise the functioning of gas sources, providing superior levels of safety and performance.

An intelligent operation mode display offers real-time updates on each gas source and line pressure, ensuring the smooth operation of your system. It also offers clear differentiation between middle and high alarms, providing accurate alerts that bolster safety during operations.

Superior Features

  • Custom-made Flomed-control system optimised for solenoid valves, featuring an operation mode display for continuous tracking of each gas source and line pressure.
  • Innovative alarm system with clear distinction between middle and high alarms, enhancing safety with prompt and accurate alerts.
  • 6 potential-free outputs for seamless signal transmission, offering easy integration with existing systems.
  • Comes with a control box for change-over panels MED-25/100-V, adding versatility and functionality to the system.

Technical Specifications

Technical Data
Power Supply: 230 V AC
Inputs: 4 x analog (4-20 mA)
10 x digital
4-line LCD-display: 20 digits per line
Alarm Signals: in compliance with DIN EN 737
6 potential-free outputs
1 collective alarm
Languages: German, English, Italian
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