Spectromed Change-over Panels MED: Secure & Efficient Central Gas Supply Solution for Healthcare

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The Spectromed Change-over Panels MED are automated gas supply systems designed for medical establishments. Compatible with both cryogenic tanks and dual gas cylinder batteries, these panels excel in diverse settings and handle gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, and nitrogen.

  • Adaptable usage: Ideal for central gas systems in various healthcare settings.
  • Optimal performance: Equipped with accurate pressure regulators for a dual-stage pressure reduction.
  • Safety assurance: Comes with a safety pressure gauge and relief valves.
  • Outstanding specifications: Withstands pressure up to 300 bar, delivering flow rates of 100 m³/h.
  • Durable construction: Fabricated from brass/stainless steel materials, including pipes, fittings, regulators, and valves.
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Spectromed Change-over Panels MED: Revolutionizing Healthcare Gas Supply Systems

Introducing the Spectromed Change-over Panels MED, a game-changing solution in hospital gas supply systems. Meticulously designed to deliver uninterrupted gas supply, this equipment significantly improves the safety and efficiency of healthcare operations. It comes equipped with an automatic change-over feature that ensures a steady and secure gas supply, even during periods of high demand.

Key Features

  • Dedicatedly constructed for central gas supply systems in hospitals, enhancing the safety and efficiency of healthcare processes.
  • Efficiently compatible with a cryogenic tank, capable of supporting up to 2 battery sets of gas cylinders.
  • Capable of supporting multiple types of gases including oxygen, compressed air, synthetic air, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.
  • Offers customization with flow rates of up to 25 or 100 cubic meters per hour, addressing varied requirements of healthcare facilities.
  • Fitted with highly precise pressure regulators and dual-pressure reduction mechanism, guaranteeing accurate and safe operation.
  • Complies with global safety standards with the inclusion of a safety pressure gauge in accordance with DIN EN ISO 5171.
  • Equips two safety relief valves, providing an extra layer of protection to the primary line.
  • Features a redundant system that continuously oversees and modulates supply demands, thereby enhancing safety.

Technical Specifications

  • Comes with a two-stage fueling precision.
  • Guarantees a maximum inlet pressure (P1) of up to 300 bar.
  • Withstands a maximum outlet pressure (P2) of up to 6 bar.
  • Made of robust materials – brass or stainless steel fittings and pipes, in addition to sturdy brass pressure regulators and valves.
  • Operational across a broad temperature range from -30°C to 60°C.
  • Highly efficient with a low leak rate of less than 1x10-3 mbar l/s He.
  • Panel weights: Panel MED 100 weighs 62 kg, whereas Panel MED 25 weighs 40 kg.

With the Spectromed Change-over Panels MED, healthcare facilities can experience seamless, effective, and safe gas supply.

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