Spectrolab Pressure Control Panel BM65-1 | Advanced Lab-Grade Pressure Regulator

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The Spectrolab Pressure Control Panel BM65-1 is a highly versatile pressure regulator crafted for laboratory use. Suitable for a wide array of applications, it supports high control accuracy with its single-stage design and capacity of handling pressures up to 300 bar.

  • Modular Setup: Allows extension for multiple cylinders, guaranteeing flexibility.
  • Specialised Valves and Filters: Includes an effective inlet valve filter and specialized shut-off valves, enhancing its performance.
  • High Pressure Tolerance: Models available for up to 50 and 100 bar outlet pressure.
  • Compact Design: Ideal for installation in dedicated safety cabinets for gas cylinders.
  • Dependable: Proven functionality with oxygen, and appropriate for varied applications including ECD.
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Spectrolab Pressure Control Panel BM65-1 - Premium Laboratory-Style Pressure Regulator

Experience the peak of technology and innovation with the Spectrolab Pressure Control Panel BM65-1. Custom-crafted for modern scientific laboratories, this pressure regulator is a masterpiece of precision and ergonomic design. Perfect for a wide array of experiments in chemistry, biology, physics, and more, this panel ensures optimal and safe gas pressure regulation.

  • Universal Application: Rigorously tested for ECD-applications and oxygen use, the BM65-1 stands out for its wide-spread applicability in diverse scientific fields.
  • Robust Pressure Handling: The panel boasts a maximum inlet pressure of 300 bar, enabling it to handle even the most extreme pressure conditions with ease.
  • Precision Regulation: With models capable of outlet pressure values reaching 50 or 100 bar using piston type regulators, you gain exceptional control over your experimental variables.
  • Dynamic Design: The modular structure of this pressure control panel allows rapid extension that can accommodate 2, 3, or even more cylinders, adjusting to ever-changing laboratory needs.
  • Ergonomic & Compact: The panel's compact form allows seamless installation into safety cabinets for gas cylinders, reducing clutter, and enhancing convenience and safety within your workspace.
  • Optimum Control Accuracy: The integration of a precision-regulated relief valve offers superior control accuracy and simplifies installation.
  • Quality Construction: The premium-grade materials used—chrome-plated brass, PA 11, PVDF, SS 301 (SS 1.4310), Hastelloy C276, brass, Viton (FKM), and Sintered SS 316L—ensure an unmatched level of durability and longevity.

Technical Specifications:

Type Single-stage
Inlet Pressure Max. 300 bar
Outlet Pressure 10/20/50/100 bar
Materials Chrome-plated brass, PA 11, PVDF, SS 301 (SS 1.4310), Hastelloy C276, brass, Viton (FKM), Sintered SS 316L
Inlet Connector Stainless steel compression fitting 6 x 1 mm
Temperature Range -30°C to 60°C
Leak Rate 1 x 10-8 mbar l/s He, 1 x 10-6 mbar l/s He
Pressure Gauges Safety pressure gauges ISO5171/cl1.6/NG50
Weight 4 kg
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