Spectrolab Pigtails and Cylinder Brackets: The Gold-Standard in Gas Cylinder Connections

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Spectrolab Pigtails and Cylinder Brackets: A Stalwart Solution for Gas Cylinder Connections. Fully composed of durable stainless steel, these connectors heighten the reliability of your gas cylinder assemblies. Their flexibility comes from the 4-direction windings and versatility in dealing with gases up to quality 6.0.

  • Durable – ensures longevity due to stainless steel build.
  • Versatile – handles gases up to quality 6.0 effectively.
  • Flexible – 4 windings in all directions make it functional for diverse applications.
  • Easy installation – facilitated by the manual valve connector.
  • Compact – perfect for tight spaces and gas cabinets due to its space-efficient design.

Emphasized by technical attributes like a nominal pressure of 200/300 bar, leakage rate of < 10-8 mbar l/s He, and a nominal size of 4mm, these connectors install surely and serve durably.

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Spectrolab Pigtails and Cylinder Brackets: A Stalwart Solution for Gas Cylinder Connections

Discover the epitome of efficiency and reliability with Spectrolab Pigtails and Cylinder Brackets. These robust gas cylinder connectors, expertly engineered from superior-grade stainless steel, features a design built to last while delivering a flawless performance. Whether you're dealing with gases up to quality 6.0, expecting high flexibility, or seeking simple installation, these connectors are specifically made for you.

These pigtails and brackets incorporate a sturdy design that facilitates effortless connections to pressure control panels. Unmatched durability is ensured with rugged stainless steel (SS 316) construction. The versatile design supports gases up to a quality of 6.0, allowing for wide-ranging applications. With 4 windings in all directions, the flexible construction facilitates easy maneuvering. The compact design is suitable for installations with space constraints.

  • Constructed from robust stainless steel (SS 316) for endurance and high performance over the long term.
  • Designed to work flawlessly with gases up to a quality of 6.0 for increased versatility.
  • Flexible construction allows for fluid maneuvering in all directions.
  • Simplified manual cylinder valve connection eliminates the requirement for complex setups or extra tools.
  • Compact and efficient design, perfect for gas cabinet installations or constrained spaces.

Superior Technical Specifications:

Spectrolab Pigtails and Cylinder Brackets are loaded with benchmark technical features. They are designed to operate under a nominal pressure of 200 / 300 bar with a nominal size of 4mm. They feature a brass nut for non-corrosive gases and a leak rate of < 10-8 mbar l/s He, providing a leak-proof operational efficiency. The cylinder connection complies with international standards and is specific to different gas types. The cylinder gasket changes depending on the type of gas being used, while the outlet connection boasts a 6mm stainless steel - compression fitting.

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