Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 71 - Accuracy, Durability & Compact Design

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Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 71 – High Control & Compact Design

  • Single-stage line regulator: Suitable for non-corrosive gases and gas mixtures up to quality 6.0
  • Ergonomic laboratory-style design: For ease of use and space-saving in various applications
  • Optimum control accuracy: Efficient outlet pressure limitation via handwheel
  • Durable materials: Powder-coated bonnet and components of chrome-plated brass and Hastelloy
  • Technical specifications: Inlet pressure max. 50 bar, Outlet pressure max. 20 bar
  • Dimensions: 3/8”-NPT female in-/outlet, 1/4”-NPT female pressure gauge connector
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Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 71 - High Performance, User-Friendly & Robust Design

Elevate your control over non-corrosive gases and gas mixtures with the Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 71. This single-stage line regulator, designed for applications up to quality 6.0, is built to surpass all your expectations. Thanks to its advanced design principles, it brings you top-tier accuracy, superior durability, and user-friendly operation.

Unrivaled Performance & Accuracy

The Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 71 is characterized by its impressive high control accuracy. Its ergonomic compact design ensures an optimum balance between performance and portability. Despite its lightweight profile, it is performance-oriented, enabling an efficient Cv-value of 0.59.

Robust & Reliable

Encased in a chrome-plated brass body and deployed with a Hastelloy diaphragm, this regulator stands for strength and longevity. The key to its robustness is the powder-coated bonnet that complements the compact design while offering capable support. Crafted from high-grade materials including PTFE for the piston and valve seat, this line regulator guarantees a steadily high performance over its lifespan.

User-Friendly Features

This line pressure regulator incorporates a user-friendly outlet pressure limitation that can be adjusted comfortably using the handwheel. This feature enhances the operator's control over the unit. Furthermore, this regulator incorporates 3/8”-NPT female In- / outlet and a 1/4”-NPT female Pressure gauge connector, ensuring seamless installation and integration into your system.

Technical Specifications

  • Max Inlet pressure (P1): 50 bar.
  • Max Outlet pressure (P2): 20 bar.
  • Materials: Chrome-plated brass body, Hastelloy diaphragm, PTFE piston and valve seat.
  • In- / outlet: 3/8”-NPT female.
  • Pressure gauge connector: 1/4”-NPT female.
  • Leak rate: < 10^-8 mbar l/s He.
  • Cv-value: 0.59.
  • Weight: 1.5 kg.

The Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 71 reimagines the concept of pressure regulation, offering unparalleled stability, control, and durability. This is the versatile solution for those seeking exceptional performance, compact design, and robust build.

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