Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 53- Superior Quality and Dependable Pressure Regulation Solution

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The Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 53 is a high-performance, double-stage, chrome-plated brass regulator for use with non-corrosive gases and mixtures, offering reliability and precision.

  • It provides an exceptionally stable outlet pressure and sports an anti-vibration device leading to steady performance.
  • (Allows for a versatile configuration with 2 or 6 ports catering to varying application needs.
  • Maintains maximum outlet pressures ranging from 1.5 to 200 bar, making it fit for numerous industrial and laboratory scenarios.
  • Offers a leak-free operation courtesy of its metal-to-metal seal to the atmosphere.
  • Exhibits a user-friendly design for simple installation and operation.

Approved for use with oxygen and suitable for Electrochemical Detection applications. Operates efficiently in temperatures ranging from -30° to 60° Celsius.

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Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 53 - Optimal Solution for Reliable Pressure Regulation

The Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 53 is a revolutionary product, an epitome of advancement in the industry of pressure regulation. This double-stage pressure regulator, expertly designed to master stable outlet pressure, is your answer for working with non-corrosive gases and gas mixtures up to quality 6.0. Whether it’s a laboratory application or industrial gas control, Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 53 is your most compatible companion.

  • Robust & Attractive Design: The commendable two-stage brass structure, chrome plated, signifies resilience against wear, promising longevity.
  • Meticulous Pressure Control: The granularity in setting up pressure is exponential, resulting in a stable outlet pressure even when there are changes in inlet pressure or downstream flow rates.
  • Adaptability: With an offering of 2 or 6 ports, the pressure regulator can adapt to any specific use, signifying its inherent flexibility and personalization.
  • High Inlet Pressure Endurance: The pressure regulator accepts inlet pressures up to 300 bar, with the ability to control outlet pressures from 1.5 bar up to 200 bars are a testimony to the pressure regulator's robustness.
  • ECD Compatibility: A perfect fit for Electron Capture Detector (ECD) applications, it can be evacuated, showcasing its flexibility for diverse uses.
  • Oxygen Compatibility: Considering the wide array of applications, this pressure regulator is also suitable for use with oxygen.

Aiding these salient features are the auxiliary attributes like the internal inlet filter, metal-to-metal seal to the atmosphere, hassle-free installation, and pressure limitation by handwheel. The materials used in the formation of this product ensure its durable characteristics- body from Chrome plated Brass, valve seat from PA, Diaphragm from Hastelloy C276, and the filter from Sintered bronze. The regulator can function effectively in adversities, braving temperatures from -30 to +60 Celsius.

Collectively, these features suggest that the Spectrolab Line Pressure Regulator LM 53 is a powerful, efficient, and reliable solution for varied pressure regulation needs. For expertise and reliability, trust none but Spectrolab!

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