Spectrolab Cylinder Pressure Regulator FM 62: High-Efficiency Control Device

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The Spectrolab Cylinder Pressure Regulator FM 62 is an efficient, dual-stage regulator perfect for safe and non-corrosive gas withdrawal. Primarily designed for gases up to quality 6.0, its characteristics include:

  • High Precision: Guarantees exact regulation for accuracy
  • Built-in Safety: Integrated relief valve allows gas to escape during high-pressure scenarios
  • User-Friendly: Compact in size, with an easy-to-operate handwheel for modifying pressure
  • Versatility: Suitable for ECD-applications
  • Durable: Constructed of robust materials like chrome-plated brass and ES 1.4310 (SS 301), with a valve seat material dependent on the type of gas.
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Optimize your Operations with Spectrolab Cylinder Pressure Regulator FM 62

Empower your operational regime with the impeccably engineered Spectrolab Cylinder Pressure Regulator FM 62, an ideal solution for immaculate withdrawal and regulation of gases and gas mixtures. This superior quality, dual-stage cylinder pressure regulator is designed to provide unmatched efficiency, precision, and safety to the users, making it a reliable choice for diverse applications.

  • Intricately designed regulator ideal for both non-corrosive gases and gas mixtures up to a quality rating of 6.0.
  • Key features include an integrated relief valve for enhanced safety and a user-friendly hand wheel for simplified outlet pressure control.
  • Fitted with a filter at the inlet to enable optimal operation and is highly suitable for ECD applications.
  • Robust powder coating ensures prolonged durability.
  • Tested rigorously for its compatibility with oxygen.
  • Compact design ensures user convenience and is ideal for multiple applications.
  • Offers a maximum inlet pressure of 200/300 bar and outlet pressure delivery of 1.5 / 4 / 10 bar for flexible operation catered to your requirements.
  • The body is built of sturdy brass chrome plated material. The diaphragm is of ES 1.4310 (SS 301), guaranteeing lasting performance. Valve seats are specially constructed based on the gas type PA-11, EPDM.
  • Your safety is our priority. The cylinder connection and outlet connectors are in compliance with international standards. Also, the relief valve connector comes with a female 1/8u201d-27 NPT.

If superior control, unparalleled efficiency, and top-grade safety are your operational requirements, the Spectrolab Cylinder Pressure Regulator FM 62 is your reliable accomplice. Experience the ultimate regulatory control and efficiency in your operations.

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