Spectrolab V6M-3 Valves: Precision Control & High-Pressure Efficiency

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The Spectrolab V6M-3 Valves are the embodiment of precision and durability, designed for controlling non-corrosive gases and gas mixtures in demanding environments.

  • Resilient: Built with chrome-plated brass, ensuring they withstand high-pressure conditions.
  • Precision: Noteworthy for high control accuracy, vital for industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing that need exact control over gas flow.
  • Compact: Their ergonomic design ensures easy installation and handling, making them ideal for laboratories and research facilities.

These high-performing valves are lightweight yet deliver reliable and efficient gas flow control and shut-off.

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Experience Unmatched Precision with Spectrolab V6M-3 Valves

Spectrolab V6M-3 Valves are designed to provide seamless and precise control along with efficient shut-off operations in high-pressure environments. Exclusively made for non-corrosive gases and gas mixtures, these valves are the standard-bearers of durability, precision, and superior performance.

Fortified Construction for Maximum Durability

Spectrolab V6M-3 Valves are ingeniously built with chrome-plated brass bodied construction offering exceptional toughness and resilience. Additionally, their superior capability to withstand high-pressures is complemented by their chosen material, which offers reliability in situations involving non-corrosive gases and mixtures.

The Duratherm 600 internal diaphragm resists temperature and chemical exposure effectively, ensuring it doesn't compromise the valves' lifespan. The robust Stainless Steel 316 L (SS 1.4404) is used to build the control spindle, which strengthens their overall durability and longevity.

Impressive Pressure Management

These valves display excellent abilities to manage high-pressure environments. The control valve of Spectrolab V6M-3 can comfortably handle pressures as high as 50 bar, while the shut-off valve impressively manages pressures up to 200 bar. Their high-pressure handling capacity guarantees optimum efficiency even under intense working conditions.

Unparalleled Control Accuracy

The hallmark of Spectrolab V6M-3 Valves is their supreme control accuracy designed to regulate gas flow with utmost precision. This precise configuration ensures smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Efficient Design for Convenience

Incorporating high-end features without compromising the ease of use, Spectrolab V6M-3 Valves feature a user-friendly, compact, and efficient design. Their ergonomic design ensures convenient handling and installation.

  • Operating pressure for control valve: Max. 50 bar
  • Operating pressure for shut-off valve: Max. 200 bar
  • Nominal diameter: 3mm
  • Materials used: Body - Chrome-plated brass, Diaphragm - Duratherm 600, Control spindle - SS 1.4404 (SS 316 L)
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
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