Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel SE 45/55/125: Ultimate Pressure Control Solution

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Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel SE 45/55/125 – Supreme Control and Safety

Rendered for vital safety, the Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel SE 45/55/125 is a high-grade instrument for managing toxic or corrosive gases. Built to shield hardware and operational processes from detrimental environmental elements, it highlights a practical, lab-grade design for intensified performance.

  • Specially designed for corrosive or toxic gas cylinders.
  • Functioning shield against surrounding air, humidity, and oxygen.
  • Integrated with a Hastelloy-diaphragm regulator (SE55 and SE125 versions only).
  • Fitted with diaphragm-type shut-off valves with on/off indicators (SE45 version only).
  • Created with a 3-way purge/connection block for adaptable control operations.
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Experience Ultimate Pressure Control with the Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel SE 45/55/125

The Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel SE 45/55/125 is the industry-leading solution designed to optimize your gas cylinder procedures. With advanced engineering, this pressure control panel is perfect for applications with gases or gas mixtures containing corrosive or toxic components.

Enhanced Control for Superior Performance

Discover new levels of control and performance across the SE45, SE55, and SE125 models.

  • Enjoy laboratory-style design and diaphragm-type shut-off valves with the SE45 model, offering optimal performance even in the most challenging situations.
  • The SE55 and SE125 models feature a top-tier regulator with a Hastelloy-diaphragm for high control accuracy. An integrated relief valve promotes efficient and safe operation.
  • Additional control functions are enabled through a 3-way purge/connection block that includes a purge gas capillary tube and cylinder connection.

Unmatched Construction for Durability

Fabrics from Stainless Steel 316L, Hastelloy C276, PVDF or PCTFE, FKM (NH3: EPDM), and Sintered Stainless Steel 316L guarantee robustness and reliability in all applications. The 1/4-NPT female type outlet reinforces the high-standard specification of the Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel.

Exceptional Pressure Control for Your Needs

The Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel SE 45/55/125 excels in pressure control.

  • The various inlet pressures P1 for SE45/SE55/SE125 provides diverse control options for numerous applications.
  • The outlet pressure P2 offers different levels for the SE45/SE55 and SE125, ensuring that the pressure control panel meets all your application's requirements.

Upholding the tradition of Spectrocem's supreme product quality, the Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel SE 45/55/125 takes your gas cylinder operations to greater heights with its precision and reliability.

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