Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel BE65-2U - Ultimate Solution for Accurate Gas Management

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Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel BE65-2U

An advanced gas management solution, Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel BE65-2U, brings you precise control of gas pressures. Built from high-grade stainless steel, it assures durable performance even with corrosive gases. It can handle a maximum inlet pressure of 300 bar and is ideal for wall and cabinet installations. With automatic changeover function and easy outlet pressure control, it efficiently maintains balance between left and right outlets. Additional features include modular extension capabilities which enable laboratory-style ergonomic design, and an integrated relief valve with oxygen compatibility to ensure safety and reliability.

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Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel BE65-2U - A Dependable Gas Management Solution

Introducing the Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel BE65-2U - the definitive solution for accurate and consistent gas pressure control. This top-notch pressure control panel is conceived with industrial-grade efficiency in mind, geared to manage and control a diverse range of gases with up to 6.0 quality in various complex mixtures.

Built for wall and cabinet mountings, it is crafted from sturdy stainless steel designed to endure corrosive gases, ensuring a long-lasting and dependable service life. The streamlined pressure adjustment and automatic changeover functions guarantee consistent and reliable pressure management at all times.

  • Constructed using durable materials like robust stainless steel 316L, PCTFE, Hastelloy C276, Viton (FKM), and sintered stainless steel 316L, ensuring longevity and a solid performance.
  • Features a filter at the process gas inlet valve that eliminates contamination risks, delivering uncontaminated gas always.
  • Integrates diaphragm-type shut-off valves that maintain a low internal volume, enhancing gas management efficiency.
  • Included regulator ensures high control accuracy, supplementing the control panel's performance. The integrated relief valve further strengthens the safety measures.
  • Swift and uncomplicated outlet pressure adjustments alongside automatic changeover functionality optimizes its use.
  • Designed for versatility, it can comfortably withstand temperature ranges between -30°C and 60°C. It's capable of enduring inlet pressure values of up to a maximum of 300 bars.
  • Tested and approved for use with oxygen, expanding the scope of its usability.

The Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel BE65-2U represents solution-driven design and engineering - delivering precise, stable, and reliable gas management regardless of environmental conditions or application requirements.

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