Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel BE56-1 – Unmatched Control for Corrosive Gases

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The Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel BE56-1 is a robust, dual-stage pressure regulation system, specifically designed for controlling corrosive gases and mixtures within laboratory environments. Constructed from superior-grade stainless steel, the panel delivers exceptional longevity even in the harshest conditions, enduring inlet pressure up to 300 bar. This system encompasses essential features including an inlet valve filter for process gas and precision diaphragm shut-off valves. Optimized for Electron Capture Detector (ECD) applications, it is approved for use with oxygen. Expansion for multiple cylinders is seamless.

  • Durability: Resilient stainless steel build, unrivaled in challenging environments
  • Functionality: Dual-stage design with an intake pressure ability of 300 bar max
  • Safety: Approved for oxygen use and ideal for ECD applications
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The Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel BE56-1 is an epitome of excellence designed for rigorous gas pressure control procedures in an array of industries. Tailored with durable 316L stainless steel and functioning on a unique double-stage mechanism, this pressure control panel introduces an adjacent layer of safety, efficacy, and reliability in handling highly corrosive gases and mixtures.

Durability That Delivers

Constructed with a double-stage wall and cabinet-mounting stainless steel, the BE56-1 is engineered to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining top-performance levels. This robust build is supplemented with a diaphragm-type pressure regulator which controls the pressure with an unmatched accuracy, and an anti-vibration device further eliminates risks of operational errors.

The Edge of Ergonomy

The Spectrocem Pressure Control Panel BE56-1 is an amalgamation of user-friendly design configurations that aid smoother operations in demanding situations. Its modular design is extendable to accommodate multiple cylinders—ensuring not varying demands are met efficiently and effectively.

Superior Control for Enhanced Safety

This top-of-line pressure control panel houses an inlet filter at the gas valve ensuring the quality of gas remains unaltered. The unit is fortified with diaphragm-type shut-off valves with clear On/Off position indicators for regulated control with minimal internal volume— this optimization is crucial in safety and efficiency procedures.

Assured Efficiency and Safety

Deemed suitable for oxygen use and Electron Capture Detector applications, the BE56-1 pressure control panel delivers a wider scope for industrial applications while ensuring reliability remains uncompromised. A fail-safe design is available with the outlet adapter which features an integrated relief valve and an optional diaphragm shut-off valve preventing the outlet piping from draining during disconnection.

Product Features

  • Double-stage type construction
  • Max inlet pressure: 300 bar
  • Multiple outlet pressure options: 1.5, 4, 10 bar
  • Materials used: 316L stainless steel, PVDF or PA, Hastelloy C276
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C to 60°C
  • Leak rate: 1 x 10-8 mbar l/s He
  • Weight: 4.9 kg
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