Spectrocem Panel Pressure Regulator PE 51 – Optimal Control with Adaptability & Durability

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Spectrocem Panel Pressure Regulator PE 51 – Premium and Versatile Stainless Steel Pressure Control

Experience precision and resilience with the Spectrocem PE 51, a high-quality stainless steel pressure regulator. Ensure consistent, controlled operation, suitable for both laboratories and industrial settings. Optimized for handling corrosive gases, it’s adaptable, reliable, and robust.

  • Durability: Superior stainless steel composition boosts endurance.
  • Steadiness: Integrated antivibration device for stable output pressure.
  • Scalable: Features 2, 4, or 6 ports to cater to your specific needs.
  • Extended Pressure Range: Handles a vast pressure range up to 300 bar, covering all potential application scenarios.
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High-Performance Spectrocem Panel Pressure Regulator PE 51 – Premium, Versatile, and Compact

The Spectrocem Panel Pressure Regulator PE 51 is a state-of-the-art product engineered with a focus on versatile usability, superior quality, and optimized pressure control. Constructed from robust 316L stainless steel, PVDF, and Hastelloy C276, this regulator offers unparalleled performance even in hazardous environments handling corrosive and toxic gases, including mixed gases up to a quality rating of 6.0.

  • Stable outlet pressure due to the integrated anti-vibration feature ensures seamless operations and high-grade performance.
  • Multi-port design with 2, 4, or 6 ports provides flexibility in configuration to cater to a myriad of industrial requirements.
  • A robust structure that tolerates inlet pressures up to an impressive 300 bar, with adjustable outlet pressures ranging from 1.5 to 200 bar, promoting operational efficiency and durability.
  • Technologically advanced metal-to-metal sealing technique prevents leaks, ensuring maintenance of the desired pressure level.
  • Compact, lightweight build is ideal for panel and surface mounting applications and shows excellent adaptability for ECD-applications.
  • Incorporates an inlet filter for gas purification to enhance the life span of the regulator.
  • Certified for use with oxygen, safeguarding operational safety and enhancing confidence in usage.
  • Featuring an easily adjustable handwheel for straightforward outlet pressure limitation, increasing user-friendly operation.
  • Designed considerately with the user in mind for ease of use and operational comfort, making it a leading choice for a variety of industrial applications.

It is a practical and efficient product, ensured to perform over a broad temperature spectrum of -30 to 60 degrees Celsius. The Spectrocem Panel Pressure Regulator PE 51 prides itself on its remarkable leak rate of just 1 x 10-8 mbar l/s He, signifying superior safety standards and operational reliability.

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