Single-Stage Pressure Regulator LE 81 - Control Corrosive Gases and Mixtures

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Spectrocem Line Pressure Regulator LE 81

  • High-Quality Control: Engineered for precise performance with corrosive gases and gas mixtures up to a quality rating of 6.0, ideal for various verticals including pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.
  • Modern and Functional Design: Merges sophisticated aesthetics with practicality, suitable for modern laboratories and workplaces.
  • User-Oriented: Equipped with a handwheel for easy outlet pressure limitation, enhancing user conveniences.
  • Robust and Long-Lasting: Bonnet with powder coating offers resistance against corrosion and wear, promising durability.
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High-Grade Single-Stage Pressure Regulator: Spectrocem Line Pressure Regulator LE 81

The Spectrocem Line Pressure Regulator LE 81 is a top-of-the-line solution expertly designed for the precise control of corrosive gases and gas mixtures up to grade 6.0. Manufactured to the highest standards, this pressure regulator stands out with its innovative laboratory-style design, paired with excellent compatibility with electron capture detector (ECD) applications.

Key to its high-performance rating is the exceptional control accuracy it consistently delivers, making it a reliable choice for precision pressure control. With its handwheel-controlled pressure adjustment, users can enjoy effortless pressure control. In addition, the powder-coated bonnet provides a robust protective coating against damage and wear, ensuring increased durability and longevity of this quality product.

Key Features

  • Single-stage pressure regulation for corrosive gases and gas mixtures
  • Innovative, efficient laboratory-style design
  • Unmatched compatibility with ECD applications
  • High control accuracy for improved precision
  • Easy outlet pressure tuning via handwheel
  • Powder-coated bonnet for increased durability

Technical Specifications

Engineered with precision, the Spectrocem Line Pressure Regulator LE 81 operates reliably with a maximum inlet pressure (P1) of 50 bar and a maximum outlet pressure (P2) of 10 bar. Its construction features a robust stainless steel 316L body, a durable Hastelloy diaphragm, and a PCTFE valve seat. The device integrates 1/2u201d-NPT female connectors and a 1/4u201d-NPT female pressure gauge connection. The product boasts a leak rate of less than 10-8 mbar l/s He and a Cv value of 1.7. Moreover, with a compact weight of just 1.9 kg, the unit is designed for easy manipulation.

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