ZLF150 AC-M1 E003/044 Refrigerator Spare Set | Premium Quality Spare Parts

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Maintain the peak performance of your refrigeration equipment with the Spare Set for ZLF150 AC-M1 E003/044 Refrigerators. This all-in-one kit embodies cost-efficiency, extended service life, and minimized downtime during unscheduled disruptions.

  • Delivers enough parts for 10-unit maintenance, amplifying durability and optimizing performance.
  • Sustains uninterrupted activity, thereby managing costs and preventing surplus maintenance expenses.
  • Maximizes efficiency by reducing the impact of sudden system breakdowns.

Upgrade your refrigeration units with this set to seamlessly manage operational performance and expenses.

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ZLF150 AC-M1 E003/044 Refrigerator Spare Set | Premium Quality Spare Parts for Enhanced Performance

Unlock your refrigerator's full potential with our meticulously tailored Spare Set specifically designed for ZLF150 AC-M1 E003/044 models. Our extensive collection of high-quality components ensures superior performance, extending your unit's lifespan and protecting your investment.

Superior Quality, Optimum Performance:

  • Our set consists of precisely selected parts, ensuring the best compatibility with ZLF150 AC-M1 E003/044 refrigerators for optimum performance.
  • Includes essential elements like the Compressor (Part No. IMPC20), Condenser (Part No. IMP65), Condenser Fan Set (Part No. IMP65), and Electronic Card / Thermostat (Part No. IMP70).
  • Minimize potential downtime and accommodate a variety of scenarios with this comprehensive set.
  • The included Voltage Stabiliser (Part No. SOLLATEK ASP) guarantees a steady operation, protecting your unit from fluctuating power conditions.
  • Boost your refrigeration unit's efficiency with the Start Relay and Capacitor included in the pack.
  • A cost-effective solution, helping significantly cut down on maintenance costs and providing excellent ROI.
  • Best suited for a set of 10 refrigeration units, ensuring smooth operations.

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