High-Quality Spare Set for VC30DD E003/085 - Durable & Efficient Components | VC30DD Spare Parts Kit

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High-Quality Spare Set for VC30DD E003/085 – Durable & Efficient

This top-tier Spare Set is designed for the VC30SDD E003/085, ensuring peak performance and increased operational efficiency.

  • Secop BD35K Compressor : Facilitates effective cooling and air distribution.
  • Secop Electronic Control Unit : Allows for precise system oversight.
  • Dulas SDD-SC Controller : Simplifies standard direct-drive connections.
  • Condenser Fan : Enhances heat dissipation process.
  • Fridge MCB : Assures circuit safety in refrigerators.
  • Temperature Probe : Guarantees accurate temperature tracking.

In conclusion, this kit optimizes high-functioning units, boosting their efficiency and longevity.

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Equip your VC30DD units for long-lasting performance with our 'High-Quality Spare Set for VC30DD E003/085 - Durable & Efficient'. Designed to enhance and prolong the optimal functioning of your crucial appliances, this kit serves as an indispensable asset for avoiding obstructive downtimes and facilitating hassle-free maintenance.

Primed with high-quality components, this kit ensures your VC30DD units continue to operate at peak performance:

  • Secop BD35K Compressor: This robust compressor is pivotal for efficient cooling operations. Its superior build and notorious endurance enable it to bear extensive workloads, thereby maintaining the unit's productivity without compromising quality.
  • Secop Electronic Control Unit: Experience advanced control and seamless appliance operation with our reliable electronic control unit. Purposefully engineered to augment your main unit’s efficiency, this component is an essential addition for streamlining workflow.
  • Dulas SDD-SC Controller: Grasp precise and effective system control with our Dulas SDD-SC Controller. Leverage your unit's potential to the fullest by maintaining systematic and appropriate control.
  • Condenser Fan: Ensure that your appliances continue to operate without disruption by using our condenser fan. It assists with effective heat dissipation, establishing a consistent and favorable workflow.
  • Fridge MCB: Protect your units from uncalled-for power surges by using our fridge MCB. It acts as a safety mechanism, aiding your appliances in withstanding energy spikes without sustaining internal damage.
  • Temperature Probe: Avail spot-on temperature control, vital for appliance performance. Uphold an optimal working environment within the main unit via meticulous temperature monitoring.

Being always prepared is the key to prevent disruptive downtimes. Thus we recommend keeping at least one set of these essential spare parts for every ten units of VC30DD. Immediate repairs become possible, turning maintenance into a quick and effortless process while saving you from potentially high costs of repairs. Product Code - S0005136.

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