VC200SDD E003/040 - Comprehensive Spare Parts Set for Operational Excellence

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The Essential Spare Set per Ten VC200SDD E003/040 is a comprehensive solution for the efficient operation and maintenance of your VC200 SDD Units. Featured components include:

  • Compressor (Secop BD35K – Part No. 101Z0211): Boasts high efficiency for responsive system operation.
  • Electronic Control Unit (Secop – Part No. 101N0420): Delivers seamless control for optimized performance.
  • Dulas SDD-SC controller: Facilitates maximum system output.
  • Fridge MCB (Part No. 693-CBTWF060C0): Acts as a safeguard against system overload.
  • Temperature Probe (Part No. SN4B15P1): Provides accurate temperature input for heightened system efficiency.

Additional support can be found in the Cold Chain Support Package and theSupply Catalogue.

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VC200SDD E003/040 - Comprehensive Spare Parts Set for VC200 SDD Units: Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Ensure flawless operations and prevent unexpected disruptions with our comprehensive Spare Set per Ten VC200SDD E003/040 - Essential Spare Parts for VC200 SDD Units. Specifically curated to boost the longevity of your VC200 SDD Units, this kit significantly bolsters operational productivity.

  • Secop BD35K Compressor: Integral to the kit, this high-performance component optimizes energy consumption to enable smoother operations. Its part number is: 101Z0211.
  • Secop Electronic Control Unit: Augment the performance of your VC200 SDD Units with this advanced control unit. Its durable construction ensures lasting service. Part number: 101N0420.
  • Dulas SDD-SC Controller: This controller is designed for convenient installation, promising sturdy performance and efficient control. Its user-friendly operation makes it a valuable addition to the kit.
  • Fridge MCB: Providing outstanding performance with incomparable safety, our Fridge MCB adheres to stringent safety regulations. Its part number is: 693-CBTWF060C0.
  • Temperature Probe: Precisely monitor system temperatures with this indispensable device. With part number SN4B15P1, it actively prevents damage by effectively regulating temperature conditions.

Although we endorse having a spare part set for every 10 units, this is not obligatory. For further assistance, view our Cold Chain Support Package and Supply Catalogue. For related products, refer to S0005140.

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