VC110 SDD E003/058 Spare Parts Set: Performance-boosting Accessories for Your Device

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Ensure your VC110 SDD E003/058 stays efficient and reliable with our comprehensive Spare Parts Set. Specially tailored for batches of 10 units, this set consists of:

  • Secop BD35K Compressor: Excellent cooling capacity.
  • Secop Electronic Control Unit: For precise temperature adjustment and monitoring.
  • Dulas SDD-SC Controller: Vital for maintaining orderly system operations.
  • Fridge MCB: Guards the compressor from fluctuations or overloads.
  • Temperature Probe: For trusted and precise temperature data.

Invest in our durable, high-quality components designed for swift replacement and minimized downtime. Ideal for routine maintenance or emergency replacements.

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VC110 SDD E003/058 Spare Parts Set: Amplify Your Operations with Premium Accessories

The VC110 SDD E003/058 Spare Parts Set is a well-designed collection of strategic parts that will overhaul your device's performance and durability. This comprehensive kit is specifically molded for your VC110 SDD E003/058 unit, guaranteeing a perfect fit and seamless operability.

With these replacement parts, minimise the downtime of essential maintenance, optimise the unit's efficiency, and secure the lengthy service life of your machine. This curated set features top-tier components that even in the most demanding operational environments, assure productivity and uncompromised performance.

  • Compressor (Secop BD35K) - Part No. 101Z0211: Elevate the cooling efficiency of your device with this motorsport-grade compressor. Experience the power of advanced heat-exchange mechanisms for the exceptional performance of your unit.
  • Electronic Control Unit (Secop) - Part No. 101N0420: This technologically advanced hub steers your unit's health, ensuring accurate temperature regulation, energy-efficient performance, and glitch-free operations. Fortify your machine's performance with a precision component.
  • Dulas SDD-SC Controller: This controller is your machine's user-interface, designed to simplify daily tasks, provide a seamless experience, and offer full command over unit operations. Adorn your unit with usability features par excellence!
  • Fridge MCB - Part No. 693-CBTWF060C0: Enhancing your machine’s safety quotient, this part acts as a protective shield against overcurrent. Protect your machine from harm's way with this essential replacement part.
  • Temperature Probe - Part No. SN4B15P1: Keep a pulse on your unit's temperature health with this vital inclusion. Monitor humidity with an absolute precision instrument. This accessory enables optimum conditions at all times, thus extending the life of your unit.

Suggested for every 10 units, the Spare Parts Set is designed to significantly reduce downtime. Our Cold Chain Support Package and detailed Supply Catalogue are vital resources for enhanced product support. Also explore our range of complementary products to pair with this set for unparalleled performance.

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