Spare Set for MF 214 E003/025: Enhance Appliance Efficiency & Longevity

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Upgrade the operation and longevity of your MF 214 E003/025 appliances with our comprehensive Spare Set. This set is meticulously curated to augment the performance of your MF 214 E003 and E025 models.

  • Compressor: Equip your appliance with premium NLE9KTK (Part No. 8-036038255) for outstanding temperature regulation.
  • Freezer Thermostat: Part No. 7020239 ensures crucial temperature control with precision.
  • Starting Device: Get reliable power-up with 103N0021 (Part No. A921115).
  • Solar Thermometer: Procure dependable temperature readings with Part No. 7020164.

This set is advisable for every 10 refrigerator units to maintain top efficiency and longevity.

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Boost Appliance Efficiency & Longevity with the Spare Set for MF 214 E003/025

Guarantee the effective operation of your appliances with our Spare Set for MF 214 E003/025. The comprehensive set includes essential components that significantly enhance the performance and extend the life of your devices. Made with cutting-edge technology, each piece in the set ensures reliable service and longevity to your appliances, contributing to cost savings and valuable time.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • High-Performance Compressor (NLE9KTK, Part No. 8-036038255): This vital component ensures constant cooling performance and lengthy lifespan of your refrigeration units, leading to reduced replacement costs.
  • Precision Thermostat (Freezer, Part No. 7020239): Capable of maintaining precise temperature control, this thermostat enables safe and efficient refrigeration.
  • Energy-Efficient Starting device (103N0021, Part No. A921115): Facilitating smooth start-up and functioning, this element plays an indispensable role in power conservation and overall unit performance.
  • Accurate Thermometer (Solar, Part No. 7020164): Offers precise temperature readings, ensuring optimal storage conditions in your refrigerator.

Make a smart investment with our Spare Set for MF 214 E003/025 likely to dramatically reduce downtime and increase overall efficiency. Enhance your operations with our Cold Chain Support Package and explore our Product Catalogue for a complete overview of our premium products.

Optimize Your Appliance Operations

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