HTC-40 E003/075 Spare Set - Premium Replacement Parts for Optimal Performance

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Product Name: HTC-40 E003/075 Spare Set – Essential Replacement Parts for Top-Notch Performance

  • Enhance Performance: Elevate the functioning of HTC-40 E003/075 units with this all-inclusive Spare Set.
  • Optimal Inventory: A spare parts set per 10 units ensures preparedness for sudden equipment failures.
  • Parts Provided: Set houses a replacement display, key indicator part, comprehensive fan set, replacement compressor, and main switch. It also contains a mandatory thermostat, USB charging port, dry filter, thermo sensors, and decals.
  • Performance Boost: Pair with S0005141 to maximize operation of HTC-40 E003/075 units.
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Maintaining top-notch performance of your HTC-40 E003/075 units is of utmost importance, and the Spare Set for HTC-40 E003/075 - Essential Replacement Parts is designed specifically to fulfil this objective. This set has been designed with components that are carefully curated to ensure that your device always functions at maximum efficiency.

  • Display-0274000357: Provides clear and crisp readouts for an intuitive user experience.
  • Indicator Part-0074000574: Ensures precise updates for reliable system operations.
  • Fan Set Part No.0274000351: Assures excellent cooling efficiency, thus enhancing component lifespan.
  • Compressor BD-35K (0274000118A): A revolutionary component providing safe operations through optimal temperature regulation.
  • Compressor Controller (E-Box) Part-0274000118FJ: Balances power and efficiency in control of the compressor unit.
  • Thermostat-0274000352: Provides expert temperature regulation, ensuring safety against overheating.
  • Main Switch-0274000354: Grants central control over primary functions of the HTC-40 E003/075.
  • USB Charging Port-0274000389: Built-in charging facilitation for additional convenience.
  • Dry Filter Part-0074180001: Improves air quality by removing contaminants and reducing moisture levels.
  • Thermo Sensor-0274000353 & 0274000358: Provides accurate temperature readings, ensuring optimal operating conditions.
  • Sticker-0270501015A (2 Nos.): Assists with easy identification and tracking of each component.

In collaboration with the highly-rated S0005141, this Spare Set can significantly enhance the performance of your HTC-40 E003/075 units. Designed to cater to 10 units, the spare set provides an optimal consumption ratio. While it's not mandatory to possess one set per 10 units, having these spare parts can significantly extend the lifespan and efficiency of your device.

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