Comprehensive Spare Part Set for HBC-70 E003/005 | Enhance Cooling Performance & Lifespan

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This Comprehensive Spare Part Set maximizes the performance of your HBC-70 E003/005 Refrigeration Units. Tailored with top-quality components, the set works to prevent downtime, streamline repairs, and boost efficiency.

  • Compressor NL6.1RT-7070xxxx: Provides superior refrigeration for optimal unit operation.
  • Thermostat-7409xxxx: Prevents temperature extremes, preserving product integrity.
  • Dry filter-0074xxxxx: Offers purified functionality eliminating moisture and contaminants.
  • Fan-7503xxxx: Enhances heat transfer and ensures continuous airflow.
  • Switch-7505xxxx: Safeguarding power supply control for uninterrupted unit operation.
  • Sensor-0074xxxx: Enables precise temperature control to avoid costly fluctuations.

Designed for every 10 HBC-70 E003/005 refrigeration units, this Comprehensive Spare Part Set is a wise investment for lean maintenance and reduced repair costs.

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Comprehensive Spare Part Set for HBC-70 E003/005 offers an all-in-one solution to enhancing the operational efficiency and durability of your refrigeration units. This expertly curated package caters to the maintenance requirements of every HBC-70 E003/005 unit, guaranteeing optimized cooling performance and extended lifespan.

  • Compressor NL6.1RT-70701331: This indispensable component pressurizes the refrigerant to enable its circulation throughout the system, contributing to superior cooling performance.
  • Thermostat-74091494: It is the key control element within your fridge, essential for maintaining the preferred internal temperature effectively and consistently.
  • Dry Filter-0074180002A: A critical component designed to eliminate contaminants from the refrigerant, enhancing both the unit's performance and its operational lifespan.
  • Fan-75030020: Ensures optimal air circulation within your refrigeration unit, guaranteeing even and regulated cooling.
  • Switch-75050003: Facilitates the effortless execution of commands to enhance the overall operational convenience of your refrigeration units.
  • Sensor-0074091494C: An instrumental component in recording and responding to environmental conditions, assisting in accurate thermal management.

We go beyond merely recommending this spare part set to every HBC-70 E003/005 owner. We advise you to adopt this set to leverage maximum performance and longevity from your refrigeration units. Explore our related product: S0002388 and further consolidate your equipment needs. There’s no more economical or intelligent choice than equipping yourself with our comprehensive spare part set. Optimize efficiency, ensure optimal performance, and extend the lifespan of your equipment today with this all-inclusive package.

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