Superior Quality Pure Sodium L-Aspartate - Essential for Health and Performance

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High-Quality Pure Sodium L-Aspartate: Essential Amino Acid Supplement

Our high-grade Sodium L-Aspartate is a crucial amino acid supplement. Rendered in a refined white crystalline powder, it is a choice ingredient in the food industry for flavor preservation and enhancement, while also serving multiple pharmaceutical uses.

  • Augments heart health by promoting cardiovascular functionality
  • Assists in improving liver function and crucial detoxification processes
  • Detoxifies ammonia aiding overall body cleansing
  • Commands fatigue and boosts energy level
  • Plays a key foundation role in protein synthesis
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High-Quality Pure Sodium L-Aspartate: Your Essential Amino Acid Supplement for Superior Health and Optimal Performance

Unlock remarkable health benefits with our premium-grade Sodium L-Aspartate. Our product stands out in quality and effectiveness, offering a comprehensive range of health benefits from fatigue elimination, liver performance boost to promoting heart health.

Our Sodium L-Aspartate comes in a white crystalline powder form that shows no offensive odor. It is dissolvable in water bearing a threshold taste of 0.16% and melting at 140.4°C, thus ensuring convenient intake.

  • CAS Number: 3792-50-5
  • Molecular Formula: C4H5NNa2O4
  • Molecular Weight: 177.07 g/mol

Key Applications & Benefits

The distinctive features of our Sodium L-Aspartate tally with its widespread use in several industries:

  • Extensively used in the food industry as a potent preservative and flavor enhancing agent
  • A significant compound in the production of heart disease drugs, liver function enhancers, and ammonia detoxicants
  • An effective fatigue-reducing agent utilized in amino acid infusions and health supplements

Maintaining a pharmaceutical-grade quality, our Sodium L-Aspartate meets or exceeds the industry standards, marking its safety and reliability for various applications.

Packaging Details

Sodium L-Aspartate is available in 25kg drums that provide efficient storage and easy transportation. Note that sample provisions are not offered.

Choose our Sodium L-Aspartate and provide your customers with high-quality health-centered products!

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