Buy Premium-Grade Sodium Glycinate - Versatile Flavoring Agent and Nutrition Enhancer

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Reliable Supplier of Premium Sodium Glycinate

  • High-quality Sodium Glycinate: Versatile and reliable, widely used in food, pharmaceuticals and various industries.
  • Optimal formulation: White crystalline powder, easy to integrate, available in food and pharmaceutical grades.
  • Packaging & Delivery: Securely packaged in 25kg cartons/drums, ensuring fast and efficient delivery.
  • Industry Compliance: Meets industry standards and requirements, perfect for use as flavoring agents, nutrition enhancers and acidity regulators.
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Discover Premium-Grade Sodium Glycinate: High-Quality Versatile Ingredient for Various Applications

We are proud to present our Sodium Glycinate - a commendably versatile and high-quality product with significant utility across multiple industries. The potent function of our Sodium Glycinate, paired with its consistent quality, makes it a preferred choice for many.

  • Compound Name: Sodium Glycinate
  • Synonyms: Aminoethanoic Acid Monosodium salt
  • CAS No.: 6000-44-8
  • Molecular Formula: H2NCH2COONa
  • IUPAC Name: Sodium 2-aminoacetate
  • EINECS No.: 223-098-56
  • Type: Flavoring Agents, Nutrition Enhancers, Acidity Regulators
  • Appearance: White crystalline powder
  • Grades available: Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade

Our Sodium Glycinate exhibits numerous practical applications, particularly as a flavoring agent, nutrition enhancer and acidity regulator. This versatility is compounded by its white crystalline powder form which allows for easy handling and utilisation.

Whether you’re working in the food industry or developing cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, our Sodium Glycinate is certain to cater to your needs. Produced under stringent quality checks, be rest assured of the consistently high standards.

Available in food grade and pharmaceutical grade forms, our Sodium Glycinate ensures safety and compatibility for various uses. The product is securely packaged in 25kg containers, ensuring its integrity and quality on delivery.

Make our Sodium Glycinate your go-to choice for your operational needs today to leverage its multifaceted functionality and assured quality.

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