Top Quality Ringer-Lactate Solution Intravenous Infusion | Sodium Lactate for Rapid Rehydration

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Ringer-Lactate Solution Intravenous Infusion – 1000ml Sodium Lactate Compound with Giving Set

  • Compound Sodium Lactate Intravenous Infusion: Essential provider of vital electrolytes during medical interventions, crucial in a variety of treatment scenarios.
  • Ringer-Lactate Solution: Specially engineered to regulate electrolyte levels and facilitate proper hydration across a plethora of medical applications.
  • 1000ml Bag Capacity: Ample supply for a wide range of treatments or procedures. The generous volume also accommodates flexible dosage requirements.
  • Inclusive Giving Set: Packaged with all needed equipment for administering the infusion, designed for user-friendly operation.
  • Box of 10: Pack contains 10 x 1000ml bags and giving sets, fits into multiple applications in diverse medical settings.
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Ringer-Lactate Solution Intravenous Infusion - Sodium Lactate Compound for Immediate Rehydration and Electrolyte Balance

Our high-quality Ringer-Lactate Solution Intravenous Infusion (Sodium Lactate Compound) is an indispensable product in modern medical settings, expertly designed for swift and efficient rehydration and electrolyte balance restoration. The package includes ten 1000ml bags, each complete with a specialized giving set for utmost convenience and precision in administration.

  • Instant Rehydration: An invaluable tool in combating severe dehydration, this solution works to replace necessary fluids rapidly and effectively.
  • Superior Electrolyte Balance: Using the Sodium Lactate Compound, the solution effectively regulates the body's electrolyte levels, a pivotal factor in maintaining essential physiological functions.
  • Practical Packaging: Ease and convenience in a clinical setting are of extreme importance. Each 1000ml bag comes with an individual giving set, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free usage experience.
  • Diverse Medical Application: This Sodium Lactate Compound Intravenous Infusion finds significant use in an array of medical fields, from surgery and intensive care to emergency medicine, affirming its dependability and versatility.

Professional administration is imperative to mitigate potential complications and adverse reactions. Typically, the qualified healthcare professional will conduct necessary tests to ascertain the suitable dosage and will closely monitor the subsequent effects.

Invest in this Ringer-Lactate Solution Intravenous Infusion for a safe and effective means of immediate rehydration and electrolyte balance adjustment. It's not just a product, but a reliable partner in patient care.

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