100-110g Toilet Soap Bar - All Skin Types - Sustainable, Refreshing & Hydrating

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Experience refreshing and gentle cleansing with the 100-110g Toilet Soap Bar, crafted for holistic skin health. Compatible with all skin types, this soap bar balances cleanliness with skin hydration.

  • Formulated for all skin types, including dry and sensitive
  • weighs 100-110g for extended usage
  • Saturated with natural humectants and skin-healthy moisture promoters
  • Fully biodegradable; excludes animal fats and incorporates sustainably sourced palm oil
  • Comprises of at least 75% total fatty matter content for enhanced cleansing

Encased individually in environmentally-friendly wraps, offered in batches of 60.

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100-110g Toilet Soap Bar for All Skin Types - Sustainable, Refreshing and Gentle

Revamp your daily skincare routine with our all-purpose 100-110g toilet soap bar. Specifically formulated to cater to all skin types, it fuses the power of natural humectants and hydrating compounds to deliver an experience that not only refreshes but also tenderly nourishes your skin. On its usage, expect unparalled smoothness with a seamless soft texture that glows.

With a substantial weight of 100-110 grams, this soap bar has been created keeping daily usage in mind. What makes it truly stand apart is its top-to-bottom environmentally-friendly design. Devoid of animal fats and 100% biodegradable, it is the ideal choice for those eco-aware customers who don't want to lower their standards of hygiene while also caring for the Earth. Further, any palm oil used in production is assuredly harvested from sustainably certified sources, underlining our dedication to ethical sourcing.

  • The soap bar boasts of a generous total fatty matter content (minimum of 75%) for outstanding cleansing potential. Dive into a rich lather that seeps in deep and cleanses thoroughly.
  • As a mark of its enduring composition, the soap bar does not carry an expiry date, denoting its ability to meet your hygiene needs for a long time.
  • Particularly useful for individuals who are conscious about maintaining high personal hygiene standards. It serves as an excellent hand wash post using restrooms and prior to eating meals.
  • Matches perfectly with a variety of hygiene kits, from Sterilizer kits A and B to First Aid Kit A, aligning with a wide spectrum of hygiene requirements.

Please note that for transport, we want your 100-110g toilet soap bar to reach you in pristine condition. Each bar is therefore individually wrapped in biodegradable packaging and packed securely in boxes of 60 units to sustain quality and integrity during transit.

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