Double-Sided A4 Sized Slate | Durable, Eco-Friendly Learning Aid (Pack of 20)

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Introducing the Double-Sided A4 Sized Slate, a versatile and eco-friendly educational tool. Made from high-density fiberboard, this dual-purpose accessory is perfect for a range of learning tasks.

  • Size: Standard A4 dimensions (210 x 297mm)
  • Quality Construction: Composed of high-density, 3mm thick fiberboard, ensuring durability
  • Safety Design: Features rounded corners for ultimate safety
  • Finish: Double-sided with sturdy blackboard paint
  • Easy to Clean: Water-resistant finish supports simple and efficient cleaning

With 20 units per pack, this slate is a reliable resource for handwriting, math problem-solving, or drawing schematics.

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Double-Sided A4 Sized Slate: The Ultimate Durable, Eco-Friendly Learning Aid (Bulk Pack of 20)

Introducing the ultimate learning aid for an enhanced educational experience - Double-Sided A4 Sized Slates. Our bulk pack of 20 provides the perfect solution for schools, institutions, and hobbyists aiming for efficiency without frequent replenishments. Designed with durability, sustainability, and functionality in mind, these slates promote a healthier and more efficient learning environment.

  • Constructed from high-density fibreboard with a density above 850kg/m3, ensuring maximum durability and resilience
  • Ideal A4 size of 210 x 297mm, providing ample space for learners across all grades
  • Double-sided utility with blackboard paint finish, providing double the writing space for comprehensive lessons
  • The use of UV-dried paint enhances validity towards environmental safety and long-lasting quality
  • Features a washable surface for easy cleaning, ensuring durability and extended usage
  • A bulk package that contains 20 slates, ideal for catering to classrooms and after-school programs efficiently
  • Compatible with white slate pencils and chalk, offering versatility and flexibility in handwriting practices
  • Strict adherence to eco-friendly manufacturing processes to aid in creating a sustainable future

Our double-sided slates are compact and lightweight, catering to portability and easy storage. The dual blackboard paint finish facilitates an enhanced learning experience, making writing and visibility effortless.

The slates, made from eco-friendly materials and produced using an environmentally sensitive process, represent a sound investment in our planet's future and the next generation's education.

Equip your study or learning environment with these versatile slates along with our fine-quality slate pencils and chalkboard dusters - the perfect combination for an enriching and efficient learning experience. Choose sustainability without compromising on essential learning tools with our Double-Sided A4 Sized Slates.

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