SL Phenolic Glass Pipe Pump: The Ultimate Corrosion-Resistant Industrial Pump

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Presenting the SL Phenolic Glass Pipe Pump – a highly-functional pump designed for diverse industry applications. Key features include:

  • Material: Manufactured from modified phenolic FRP known for its high corrosion resistance.
  • Functionality: Single suction centrifugal pipeline pump, easy to operate and reliable.
  • Capacity: Handles flow rates between 3.2 and 12.5 m³/h at an operational frequency of 2900r/min.
  • Compatibility: Capable of conveying acids, salts, and solvents and adaptable to different pipeline diameters making it versatile for multiple sectors.

Best suited for the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, this pump offers unparalleled functionality and efficiency. Pairing durability with performance, the SL Phenolic Glass Pipe Pump is the optimal choice for your pumping needs.

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SL Phenolic Glass Pipe Pump: An Innovative Corrosion-Resistance Solution

Presenting the leading-edge design and performance of the SL Phenolic Glass Pipe Pump, it's the ideal pumping solution for industries requiring superior corrosion and heat-resistance mechanisms. This state-of-the-art pumping system offers unmatched energy conservation, high-efficiency operation, and rugged durability for your industrial applications.

Key Features to Note:

  • Constructed from modified phenolic FRP, the pump is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. Its high-pressure, high-temperature processing ensures optimal durability and strength.
  • Its lightweight profile and high strength make it superior to traditional pumps, being resistant to deformation even in the most challenging operational conditions.
  • Capable of handling varying flow rates (3.2 ~ 12.5m3/h) and head heights (12.5 ~ 32m), the pump is versatile across a broad spectrum of applications.
  • Operating at a speed of 2900r/min, with a power range from 0.75 ~ 4KW, the pump showcases strong performance consistently.
  • The pump can accommodate diameters 25 ~ 50mm and a temperature tolerance below 100°c, increasing its adaptability across multiple operating environments.
  • With the ability to process a diverse range of substances including non-oxidizing acids, organic acids, inorganic salts, and organic solvents, the pump is suitable for numerous industrial applications.

Industries that will benefit immensely from the SL Phenolic Glass Pipe Pump include chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection machinery, metallurgy, pesticide production, cosmetic manufacturing, and anti-corrosion treatments. With its power and endurance, this pump promotes efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements, driving the success of your industry with its high-caliber performance and pioneering technology.

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