Simulator, premature infant care, light

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General description:
Simulator, premature infant care, light complexion. Simulator is usedtofacilitate learning preterm infant care, including thermal care andfeeding support such as exclusive breastfeeding, alternative oralfeeding and enteral feeding with nasogastric tube.

Technical specifications:
Simulator consists of a light skin manikin, that has an appearanceandsize of approximately 32 weeks old premature infant, together withBreastfeeding Simulator and Preterm Wrap.
Can be used to practice:
1.Skin-to-skin care
2.Breastfeeding – proper positioning and attachment.
3.Intragastric tube placement
4.Cup feeding

Texture of the simulator: Soft and smooth, friction free to demonstratethe desired procedures. Realistically sculpted to resemble and simulateapremature infant, feeling smooth / resilient / bony as relevantandsuitable for simulation.
Material of the simulator: Vinyl, Silicone, Polyoxymethylene – POM,Poly vinyl chloride – PVC, Polypropylene – PP, Thermoplasticpolyurethane – TPU.

Environmental conditions:
Storage conditions:
Temperature (unfilled) -10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)

Operating conditions:
Relative Humidity 5-100% RH
Temperature 15 °C to 40 °C (59 °F to 104 °F)

Supplied with:
– Intragastric tube
– Tape to attach intragastric tube
– 20 ml. syringe
– Training stethoscope
– Head cap
– Diaper
– Breastfeeding Simulator
– Preterm Wrap
– Shoulder bag for transport/storage
– Instructions for use in English, French and Spanish, includingpictographs

Weight and volume:
Gross weight per unit: 2 kg
Volume per unit: 0.022 cbm
Unit qty in one carton: 1 piece
Gross weight per carton: 2 kg
Volume per carton: 0.022 cbm
Carton size: 0.45 x 0.32 x 0.15 m

Instruction for use:
Dos and Dont’s, instructions manual, including maintenance guide andinstructions on how to set up, store, clean and maintain equipmentafteruse.
Detailed technical instructions and other relevant training materialsproduced as a manual, computer-based training and DVD on how to use thedemonstration model.
Languages: Instruction materials produced in a variety of languages (seeabove), all three English, Spanish and French languages are available.English is the default language available, but the instructions for usecome in Spanish and French as well.

Two years