Newborn Complete Care Simulator - Light Complexion: Optimal Training Tool in Neonatal Care

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Newborn Complete Care Simulator – Light Complexion

  • Realistic and comprehensive newborn simulator for in-depth practical training.
  • Constructed from premium materials for a realistic feel, including necessary accessories for immersive training sessions.
  • Multi-lingual instruction manual ensuring proper usage and maximum benefit from the product.
  • Durable and portable, weighing just 1.2 kg. Backed by a robust two-year warranty.
  • Operational across a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring performance in various environments.
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Newborn Complete Care Simulator - Light Complexion: High-Quality Training Simulator for Neonatal Care

Our Newborn Complete Care Simulator - Light Complexion takes neonatal care training to the highest level by providing hands-on experience in an incredibly realistic format. This high-tech simulator mimics the size, design, and appearance of a full-term, light complexion infant and acts as an unmatched training tool in the field of neonatal care.

Exceptional Features

  • Anatomically Precise Design: The simulator presents an accurate and life-like experience due to its detail-oriented, anatomically correct structure.
  • Innovative Learning Aid: The Newborn Complete Care Simulator comprises the latest technology, offering a smooth and frictionless texture that allows for true-to-life demonstration of various procedures.
  • Superior Material: This highly durable simulator, crafted from robust materials such as TPU, PVC, Silicone Rubber, POM, PP, and Iron/Steel ensures it can withstand repeated usage, making it a long-lasting asset for any learning environment.
  • Comprehensive Accessories: This state-of-the-art simulator comes with inclusive accessories that enhance your learning experience. It includes drying sheets, head caps, umbilical cords, suction devices, and a neonatal resuscitation bag.
  • Detailed Instructions: The product includes a comprehensive, multilingual instruction guide to assist users in mastering the myriad procedures in neonatal care.

The Newborn Complete Care Simulator operates optimally between temperatures of 15°C to 40°C and can perform in relative humidity conditions ranging from 5 to 95% RH. It also has a commendable longevity of up to 3 years when stored at 20°C with 95% RH. Each unit weighs in at 1.2 kg, making it easily transportable, and comes with a generous two-year warranty. With our Newborn Complete Care Simulator, you can align your neonatal care training with real-world infant care scenarios and elevate your medical expertise.

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