Complete Childbirth Simulator for Comprehensive Delivery Training

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Enhance your expertise in childbirth delivery and early postpartum care with our high-fidelity Complete Childbirth Simulator. Ideal for profound learning in academia and professional environments, this device enriches your understanding of various aspects of childbirth.

  • Promotes hands-on experience of normal vaginal childbirth scenarios
  • Detailed examination of placenta, umbilical cord, and membranes
  • Practical exposure to immediate postnatal care procedures
  • Ability to palpate foetal fontanels, augmenting clinical realism
  • Empowers interaction with umbilical cord including cutting, clamping, and handling

Designed with an anatomy-inclusive adult female model and a full-term foetus. Comes in a convenient carrying case. Contains no identifiable chemical constituents or CAS numbers.

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Complete Childbirth Simulator - High-Fidelity Training & Demonstration Tool

The Complete Childbirth Simulator is a pioneer in high-fidelity medical training tools, crafted meticulously for an immersive learning experience. It acts as a flawless bridge between theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice with a promising approach for perfect skill acquisition in single foetus childbirth and postpartum management.

This simulator uses a range of robust materials such as Neoprene, POM, PVC, PP, Silicone, CPVC, Polyester, Nylon, Lycra, and Stainless Steel, accurately replicating the real-life tactile and visual cues encountered during childbirth.

Main Features:

  • Seamlessly simulates every stage of a normal vaginal delivery process for a single foetus.
  • Incorporates detailed postpartum observation and management scenarios to offer a comprehensive learning experience covering the entire perinatal period.
  • Allows in-depth examination of the placenta, umbilical cord, and membranes, adding layers to the learning scope.
  • Replicates adult female anatomical landmarks accurately for realistic training.
  • Features an innovative design that allows cutting and clamping of the attachable umbilical cord, closely mimicking reality.

Environment Flexibility:

Storage temperature can range between -10 to 50 u00b0C (14 - 122 u00b0F) and can effortlessly tolerate humidity levels of up to 95%. Operating conditions range between 15 to 40 u00b0C (59 - 104 u00b0F) and humidity tolerance between 5 - 100% RH.

Unmatched Craftsmanship:

Our simulator features an abdominal cover emulating an adult female abdominal wall to add realism. The full-term foetal model has discernible fontanels and a detachable umbilical cord for a comprehensive and interactive training ambience. Each kit comes with a user-friendly manual in various languages, a removable abdominal cover, one foetus, a placenta with membranes, an umbilical cord, two umbilical ties, and a transport-friendly carrying case. Backed by an assurance of two-year warranty, look forward to durable, reliable, and unmatched training efficiency with our Complete Childbirth Simulator.


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