Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream - Powerful Topical Antimicrobial Treatment

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The Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream is a potent topical antimicrobial ointment known for treating various skin infections. It provides:
  • High Quality Ingredient: The cream comprises 1% Silver Sulfadiazine, an active compound with profound therapeutic benefits prevalent in the medical industry.
  • Convenience: It comes in a user-friendly 50g tube that is easy to carry and apply.
  • Reliability: Although not sterile, the cream’s efficacy and healing properties are indisputable.
  • Global Standards: The product aligns with World Health Organization guidelines and is a vital part of the IEHK2011 kit, Suppl.1-drugs (S9901006).
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Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream - A Potent Antimicrobial for Skin Conditions

Silver Sulfadiazine 1% cream, bearing a chemical formula of C10H9AgN4O2S and a CAS number 22199-08-2, is a potent antimicrobial product exclusively formulated for treating a myriad of skin conditions. It is renowned for its impeccable effectiveness in preventing and treating wound infections in victims with severe burns.

  • Active Ingredient: Silver Sulfadiazine, an effective solution against many gram-negative, as well as some gram-positive bacteria.
  • Molecular Weight: 357.14 g/mol, making it lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Unique Mechanism: The unique combination of silver and sulfadiazine works synergistically, inhibiting bacterial growth.
  • Safety Information: This cream is intended for external use only. Eye contact should be avoided, and hands should be thoroughly washed after application.
  • Therapeutic Uses: In addition to treating and preventing wound infections in patients with second and third-degree burns, it is also effective against many gram-negative and some gram-positive bacteria.

For additional safety concerns and usage guidelines, please consult the World Health Organization's published resources.

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