Premium Quality Silica Gel Pouches for Excellent Desiccation and Preservation

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Our Premium Quality Silica Gel Pouches offer a robust solution for desiccation and preservation in healthcare facilities. These pouches help retain the quality of dried blood spot specimens due to their exceptional moisture absorption capabilities.

  • Particle Size: 1-2mm, ideal for efficient moisture dissipation
  • Absorption Capacity: Minimum of 23% at 25u00b0C, ensuring reliable performance
  • Shelf Life: 36 months, offering dependable, long-term value
  • Quantity: Each box contains 200 pouches, holding 0.5g of technical grade silica gel
  • Density: Approximately 750g/L, adding to the longevity and efficiency of the pouches
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Premium Quality Silica Gel Pouches: Unparalleled Desiccation and Preservation

Our premium Silica Gel Pouches offer unrivaled drying efficiency, safeguarding your materials from moisture damage and facilitating their long-lasting preservation. Every box houses 200 individually-packaged pouches, each containing 0.5g of superior Silica Gel.

Impressive Specifics for Superior Performance

  • Particle Size: Ranging between 1-2mm, enabling superior absorption capability.
  • Bulk Density: A robust approximately 750g/L for optimal moisture control.
  • High-Grade Product: Ensuring compliance with the most stringent technical standards.
  • Indicator Presence: Conveniently placed for easy utilization and maximum effectiveness.
  • Absorption Capacity: A remarkable minimum of 23% absorption capacity at a controlled temperature of 25°C, resulting in unmatched moisture control.

Unbeatable Applications

From healthcare settings like hospitals and clinics to research laboratories, our Silica Gel Pouches are used extensively to preserve dried blood spot (DBS) specimens. Achieve best results by storing these pouches in moisture-free, light-proof environments with temperatures ranging between 15 to 25°C.

Long Shelf Life

With an extended shelf life of 36 months from the production date, our Silica Gel Pouches promise endurance and reliable performance, providing unparalleled value over time.

Lightweight and Compact

  • Weight: A negligible 0.3kg, making these pouches easy to handle and store.
  • Volume: With a compact volume of 0.0007m³, these pouches are designed for seamless storage and transport.

Convenient Packaging

Each Silica Gel pouch is individually packed into boxes containing 200 pouches, ensuring their integrity and efficacy. Tap into the impressive versatility of these preservation powerhouses and experience their effectiveness across various applications today.

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