Premium Absorbent Laboratory Bench Sheets 40x50cm | Packed 100 Sheets

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Premium Absorbent Laboratory Bench Sheets – 40x50cm, Box of 100 – Ultimate Convenience & Safety

Our Premium Absorbent Laboratory Bench Sheets offer optimal safety and convenience for various laboratory settings, such as hospital labs and reference centers. Crafted from a thick cotton lining atop a polyethylene base, these sheets deliver exceptional absorbency for protection against spills and surface damage.

  • Each box includes 100 sheets, each measuring 40x50cm.
  • Follows manufacturer’s recommended waste disposal procedures.
  • Primary packaging contains one box of 100 sheets. Package weighs approximately 10kg with volume around 0.12m3.
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Premium Absorbent Laboratory Bench Sheets - 40x50cm, Box of 100 - Ultimate Convenience & Safety

Embrace safety, tidiness, and efficiency with our Premium Absorbent Laboratory Bench Sheets. Each box comes packed with 100 top-quality, disposable lab sheets purposefully crafted to reduce mess and optimize productivity in your laboratory environment.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Superior Absorbency: Engineered for spill control, these lab sheets rapidly absorb liquid spillages, shielding your lab workbench surfaces and drastically reducing clean-up time.
  • Exceptional Durability: Constructed from thick cotton lining on a sturdy polyethylene base, these sheets ensure ultimate absorbency and resilience, offering an extended lifespan compared to standard lab sheets.
  • Versatile Dimensions: Each sheet boasts an approximate size of 40x50cm, providing ideal coverage and versatility for a myriad of uses across diverse laboratory settings.
  • Multi-purpose Use: These sheets cater to a vast array of techniques and services, making them a perfect fit for hospital labs, reference centers, research facilities, and more.

Instructions for Use: Kindly adhere to the manufacturer's waste disposal guidelines to maintain an optimal safety standard.

Packaging and Labeling: Each unit includes: 1 (one) Absorbent Laboratory Bench Sheet, 40x50cm, Box of 100. A crucial component in any lab setup.

Convenient Portability: With an approximate weight of 10kg and a volume of 0.12m3, these bench sheets can easily adapt to any workspace setup due to their compact size and lightweight nature.

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