Superior Mobile Water Treatment with the Advanced Sedimentation System Kit

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Experience Optimum Water Treatment with Advanced Sedimentation System Kit

  • Premium Filtration Upgrade: Augments water purity by intensifying the sedimentation process.
  • Specific Device Suitability: Tailored to function with models S0005846, S5006022, and S5006023.
  • Complementary Pump: Comes with an extra pump for optimal water pressure regulation.
  • All-inclusive Package: Comprehensive kit inclusive of all requisite accessories and pipework.
  • Floc Diminution: Suitable for regular filter backwashing and high filtration blockage risk settings.
  • Accurate Compatibility Needed: Match Water Treatment Unit brand and model specifics accurately when ordering separately.
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Experience the zenith of mobile water treatment efficacy with our technologically sophisticated Advanced Sedimentation System Kit. Designed to be inclusive and adaptive, this sedimentation system kit promises seamless compatibility with mobile water treatment units models S0005846, S5006022, and S5006023, extending a superior performance boost to the entire water treatment process.

The system is strategically positioned post-coagulation/flocculation system and pre-filtration systems, providing a comprehensive, integrated solution for complete water treatment needs.

Key features of the Advanced Sedimentation System Kit:

  • An additional pump system ensures an uninterrupted water pumping operation, maintaining optimum pressure.
  • The complete kit is equipped with essential accessories and piping, furnishing an all-in-one solution for your water treatment requirements.
  • High mobility coupled with easy installation is facilitated by its lightweight design, with a net weight of just 150 kg.
  • Compact design dimensions of 1.88 x 0.60 x 0.41 m ensure efficient space utilization for even the most space-restricted environments.

The system is ideal for application in:

  • Situations that demand frequent filter backwash.
  • Systems that are susceptible to filter clogging.
  • Processes that necessitate the reduction or elimination of flocs via sedimentation, greatly improving the subsequent filtration process.

Remember to specify the exact make and model of your Water Treatment Unit for a precise deployment when ordering separately. Experience heightened efficiency, functionality, and effectiveness with our Sedimentation System Kit, a perfect addition for your Mobile Water Treatment Units.

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