Quality Stool Sample Prep Kit - Kato-Katz Method for Accurate Parasitology Lab Analysis

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The Stool Sample Prep Kit – Kato-Katz Method enables accurate diagnosis of intestinal parasites through conducting 400 tests with a single set. Having a weight of approximately 1.2kg and volume of 0.3cm3, it is convenient for lab use. Key elements include:

  • Pre-Shaped Cardboard: Facilitates sample collection.
  • Glycerin-Malachite-Green Soaked Cellophane & Nylon Mesh: Help in sample preparation.
  • Plastic Templates & Spatulas: Aid in precise sample handling.
  • Hydrophilic Cellophane Sheets & Malachite Green Solution: Enhance microscopic visualization of parasites.
  • Eggs Per Gram (EPG) Calculation Table & Multilingual Instructions: Provide guidance for accurate analysis.

The kit supports qualitative and quantitative assessments, making it reliable for hospitals to reference centers.

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Equip your laboratory with the indispensable Stool Sample Prep Kit - Kato-Katz Method for 400 Tests, aimed at enabling microscopic identification and quantification of intestinal parasitic worms and their eggs. Expertly engineered with high-quality materials, this kit ensures accurate, reliable, and replicable parasitology lab results, serving as an indispensable asset in hospital laboratories and reference centres alike.

Exceptionally Comprehensive

The kit is packed with all necessary items required to prepare 400 stool samples. This includes a disposable nylon mesh roll, plastic templates, hydrophilic cellophane sheets, malachite green solution, plastic spatulas, and an egg count calculation table. Everything you need to perform accurate and efficient stool sample analysis is included to eliminate the hassle of sourcing individual components.

Efficient and Adaptable

Enhance both qualitative and quantitative assessments with the aid of pre-defined sample volume features, ensuring efficiency in preparing samples. The kit is adaptable to a wide range of laboratory services, catering to different levels of expertise and establishing its place in various lab settings.

Smooth Experience with User-Friendly Packaging

This kit comes in a sturdy, easy-to-store re-closable box with a tuck-in lid, ensuring excellent storage and convenient transportation. With a weight of approximately 1.2kg and a volume estimate of 0.3cm3, this compact kit can easily fit in any lab storage system.

Detailed Instructions for Optimal Results

To ensure ease of use and accurate results, detailed instructions in English, French, and Spanish are included. This guarantees broad utility and assists in achieving replicable, accurate results, thus making this kit a go-to solution for parasitology lab operations.

Note: This test should only be conducted by appropriately trained staff to ensure replicable and accurate results.

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