EDTA Neonate Set - Reliable Blood Sample Collection Kit

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This comprehensive EDTA Neonate Set – 0.2ml with Capillary – Box of 100 is designed for reliable whole blood sample collection in neonates. Emphasizing professional use, it is widely leveraged in diverse laboratory services.

  • 100 units of K2EDTA (0.2 ml) tubes equipped with capillary tubes.
  • Includes gauze compress and non-powdered medium-sized nitrile gloves.
  • Antiseptic gauze compress comes soaked with 70% isopropyl alcohol for swift sanitization.
  • Comprises safety lancets of 2mm, convenient for neonatal use.
  • Ensures safety with a 20L biohazard bag and packing bag.
  • Packs a practical weight of around 2.5 kg and an estimated volume of 0.018 m3.

The contents of this set make it an essential tool in not just hospitals but also reference centers.

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Reliable Blood Sample Collection with EDTA Neonate Set - 0.2ml with Capillary - Box of 100

The EDTA Neonate Set, carefully designed for the secure collection of whole blood samples from neonates, is a comprehensive kit tailor-made for laboratory procedures and tests. Each set comes with a K2EDTA tube of 0.2ml capacity, offering optimal anticoagulation of whole blood samples and preservation of blood components in their naturally occurring state. The kit also includes components that promote user convenience and safety whilst demonstrating reliability and consistency in results.

Key Features

  • Presents with 100 individually contained sets, each sealed in a durable, sterile plastic bag.
  • Each set encompasses: 1 K2EDTA tube (0.2ml) loaded with a capillary, a gauze compress, a pair of nitrile gloves (powder-free, size M), a gauze compress soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol, a fabric bandage, and safety lancets (2mm).
  • Included within this package are a 20L autoclavable biohazard bag and a packaging bag for safe disposal and containment of bio-wastes.
  • Designed for healthcare professionals, ensuring reliable and uniform results when usage instructions are adhered to.

Enabling a diverse application within a range of laboratory services, from hospitals to reference centres, this kit is a must-have for those seeking precise and reliable sample collection. Moreover, the package is space-efficient, weighing approximately 2.5kgs with an estimated volume of 0.018m3, enhancing ease of transport and storage.

NOTE: Tou Iquets, vacuum tube holders, and 23G vacuum needles required for operation are not included.

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