High-Quality Neonate Blood Collection Set - For Precise Neonate Care

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The Neonate Blood Collection Set – Plain/Dry Vacuum Tubes, Box of 50 is a comprehensive kit designed to facilitate neonate blood sample collection. This set contains 50 plain/dry vacuum tubes and additional utilities ensuring an efficient and safe collection process.

  • Contents: Plain/dry vacuum tubes, vacuum needles, antiseptic gauze compresses, nitrile gloves, vacuum tube holders, fabric bandages, and disposal bags.
  • Application: Specialised for neonate blood collection in various healthcare settings.
  • Packaging: 50 individual units per box, packaged securely to maintain integrity during transportation and storage.
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Neonate Blood Collection Set - Plain/Dry Vacuum Tubes, Box of 50 - High-Quality and Reliable for Healthcare Professionals

The Neonate Blood Collection Set is a premium product tailored for precise, safe, and efficient blood collection in neonates. This comprehensive, high-quality kit ensures accuracy and consistency in results, making it an invaluable asset for dedicated healthcare professionals operating in various clinical and laboratory settings.

  • Capacity: Each set includes 50 individual units of plain/dry vacuum tubes with a 4ml capacity, a diameter of 12mm, and a length of 75mm. These tubes are free of additives, ensuring unadulterated sample processing and reliable testing outcomes.
  • Included Accessories: The kit, designed for maximum convenience, comes packaged with a number of essential tools and accessories. These include a vacuum needle, gauze compress, antiseptic compress imbued with 70% isopropyl alcohol for sterilization, fabric bandages, powder-free nitrile gloves, a packing bag, a biohazard bag that's autoclavable, a touiquet, and a vacuum tube holder.
  • Safety Measures and Instructions: The set is created with user safety in mind. It is recommended for use solely by trained professionals who comply with the manufacturer's usage guidelines. A separate needle disposal container for safe disposal is recommended (not included).
  • Hygienic Standards: The product upholds high hygiene standards, provided with nitrile gloves that are free of powder and an autoclavable biohazard bag to ensure sanitary disposal.
  • Packaging Details: The primary packaging includes one Neonate Blood Collection Set. The estimated weight is 1.5kg, with a volume of 0.018m^3.

The Neonate Blood Collection Set - Plain/Dry Vacuum Tubes, Box of 50 is an essential, practical tool for healthcare professionals dedicated to neonate care. With excellent efficiency and consistency, this product promises a reliable solution and high-end performance in blood collection procedures.

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