Set, Finger Prick with 2.0mm Lancet & Capillary Tube - Reliable Test Kit for Infant Diagnosis

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Product: Set, Finger Prick with 2.0mm Lancet & Capillary Tube – a reliable kit for Early Infant Diagnosis (EID). Simplifies the process of blood sample collection.

  • Each kit contains 100 units. Items include a capillary tube with EDTA coating, safety lancet, gauze compress, nitrile gloves, antiseptic gauze compress, and fabric bandage.
  • Additional safety and convenience granted by the inclusion of a Biohazard bag (20L) and re-closable packing box.
  • Intended for trained professionals for use in hospitals, labs, and reference centers. Container for lancet disposal sold separately.
  • Primary packaging: one set per packet. Estimated weight: 2.7kg. Estimated volume: 0.0181 m3.
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The Set, Finger Prick with 2.0mm Lancet & Capillary Tube - Reliable 100 Test Kit for Early Infant Diagnosis is an essential tool for medical professionals offering precise, reliable results. The complete set is designed to facilitate 100 tests with every kit; offering optimal functionality for hospitals, medical centers, testing labs, and research facilities.

  • Accurate and Reliable: Each set ensures precision and consistency for your infant diagnosis needs, contributing to sound and accurate medical decisions.
  • Safe and Hygienic: The inclusion of safety equipment such as nitrile gloves, antiseptic gauze compress, a Biohazard bag (20L), and a fabric bandage makes the set ideal for maintaining a clean and health-conscious testing environment.
  • Enhanced Protection: The safety lancet, capillary tubes with EDTA coating and a secure container (50ml, box/100) for disposal ensures user safety and proper traceability.
  • Convenient Packaging: The single-unit packaging makes it easy for professionals to conduct 100 tests and promotes organized, efficient testing procedures.
  • Comprehensive: From the safety lancet to gauze compress, each component of the set efficiently caters to various testing and lab services, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your needs.

Choose reliable and safe infant diagnosis with the Set, Finger Prick with 2.0mm Lancet & Capillary Tube - Reliable 100 Test Kit. Adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions guarantees accurate results, making it an invaluable asset to your laboratory needs.

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