Point of Care Sample Collection Set - 100 Tests Set, Finger Prick with Lancet 2.0mm

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100 Test Set, Finger Prick with Lancet 2.0mm | Point of Care Sample Collection Set

Accurate, easy-to-operate finger prick kit with a 2.0mm safety lancet suitable for Point of Care (POC) sample gathering. The set consists of 100 kits, each providing:

  • Two nitrile gloves ensuring maximum protection.
  • One antiseptic gauze compress to clean the target site before pricking.
  • One gauze compress to stop bleeding post-prick.
  • One fabric bandage for post-procedure care.
  • One 20L biohazard bag for safe disposal of used components.
  • One re-closable box for secure storage of the components.

Designed for professional use in diverse lab settings, user-friendly instructions are included. Additional safe disposal containers available per separate purchase.

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Point of Care Sample Collection Set | 100 Test Set, Finger Prick with Lancet 2.0mm

Elevate your laboratory services with the 100 Test Set, Finger Prick with Lancet 2.0mm – a meticulous Point of Care Sample Collection Set designed for trained professionals. This set ensures reliable and efficient sample collection while promoting safety and efficiency.

Superior Quality, Superior Results

The collection kit includes a total of 100 individual units. Within each unit, you'll find a 2mm safety lancet, a gauze compress, two nitrile gloves, an antiseptic gauze compress, and a fabric bandage. We've ensured that all materials included are of the highest quality, allowing you to collect samples with total confidence in the integrity of the results.

Considerate Inclusions

Also packaged within this set is a 20L Biohazard bag and a re-closable packing box, facilitating waste disposal and storage with utter ease and safety. We've left no stone unturned in ensuring a comprehensive solution for your laboratory needs.

User Guidelines and Safety Precautions

This product is recommended for use by trained professionals across various health services. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results. When disposing of used lancets, use a secure sample container (sold separately) to maintain a hygienic and safe environment.

Packaging Details

  • Primary packaging includes 1 unit of the Set, Finger Prick with Lancet 2.0mm, total of 100 Tests per unit.
  • Estimated weight is 2.7kg for total package.
  • Estimated volume is 0.018m3.
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