Abbott DNA/RNA HIV-1 Assay Kit for Early Infant Diagnosis - Comprehensive 960 Test Kit

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The Abbott DNA/RNA HIV-1 Assay Kit is a comprehensive resource for Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) of HIV-1. With 960 tests included in the package, it is a premium choice for laboratory services. It provides all the necessary components, such as pipettes, gloves, biohazard bags, for smooth operation and accurate outcomes. Note that the Abbott assay kit necessary for conducting the tests is not provided. Designed for use by trained personnel, the kit ensures accurate EID. The total volume is 0.296m3 and overall weight is approximately 55.0kg.

  • Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) of HIV-1
  • Resources for 960 tests
  • Includes essential testing equipment
  • Abbott assay kit not included
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High-Quality Abbott DNA/RNA HIV-1 Assay Kit for Early Infant Diagnosis - 960 Tests

The Abbott DNA/RNA HIV-1 assay kit is an efficient, high-quality solution for medical laboratories and clinics needing to conduct Early Infant HIV Diagnosis (EID). This comprehensive set is designed specifically for this purpose and has the capacity to support up to 960 tests, providing a one-stop solution for various lab requirements.

  • All-Inclusive Kit Contents: The kit consists of necessary items such as pipette tips, gloves, biohazard bags, repeat pipette tips, screw cap tubes, lab coats, and marker pens, streamlining the testing process.
  • Outstanding Accuracy: Adhering to the guidance provided ensures highly accurate and reproducible results. The kit was carefully designed for precision and less variability, making it a reliable solution for EID.
  • Efficiency: The test procedure provided in the kit is efficient and streamlined, reducing the chances of errors and maximizing the reliability of results.
  • Versatile Use: The kit can be used in various laboratory settings and is operated by trained staff, making it a versatile solution for different clinical scenarios.
  • Manageable Volume & Weight: The package weight is an estimated 55.0kg with an estimated volume of 0.296m3, making it feasible in terms of logistics and storage.
  • Inclusive of Vital Components: The package includes an Abbott assay kit of 96 tests that are essential for the total test operation, further emphasizing the all-in-one nature of this kit.
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